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Firdaus Studio by A.R. Rahman is Dubai’s New “Sonic Paradise”

Firdaus Studio by A.R. Rahman is Dubai’s New “Sonic Paradise”

Located in the former Expo 2020 site in Dubai, now a sustainable mixed-use community known as District 2020, Firdaus Studio’s vision is to become a leading musical hub by servicing established musicians from around the world while taking an active role in nurturing the next generation of talent within the region.

The multi-use Live Room was designed to function in cinema mode, performance mode, and recording / scoring mode with the ability to accommodate up to 80 musicians. The Control Room features an analog-digital hybrid workflow setup consisting of a 40-input Rupert Neve Designs 5088 and Avid S6 digital control surface, and is certified for Dolby Atmos Music / HE 7.1.4 mixing. In addition, there are four iso booths equipped with screens and 4K cameras, and an Auxiliary Control Room for programming, writing or small recording sessions.

Following an early mandate requiring that Firdaus Studio procure the very best products on the market, a survey was carried out encompassing a wide variety of industry stalwarts and the Rupert Neve Designs 5088 came out as the choice of the majority. “‘Firdaus’ translates to ‘Paradise’ in Arabic, so it was important that all aspects of the studio reflect this ideal,” says Adita Modi (Modi Digital), Design Custodian, “and we believe a sonic paradise is best achieved with high-end analog sound quality. We have spared no effort in ensuring the performance captured is of the highest quality.”

As a digital workflow was non-negotiable for a future-forward studio with Dolby Atmos capability, the studio’s desk – custom-built by Sounds Fishy – seamlessly divides the 5088 into two sections with the S6 in the center for digital mixing capabilities.

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“Our 40-channel 5088, fully loaded with Shelford 5052 Mic Preamp & Inductor EQ and 5051 Inductor EQ & Compressor modules, is special,” says A.R. Rahman. “The detail and the warmth of the preamps complement our orchestral sessions with the Firdaus Orchestra, the desk has amazing headroom, and the saturation you get when you hit the desk hard sounds really musical. It just sounds right on any possible source you can think of.”