Wednesday, June 19, 2024

StarNet ADA16: Neve’s First Analogue Line-Level to Dante® AD/DA Convertor

Neve® announces the launch of their StarNet ADA16 at NAMM 2024. The16x16 analogue line-level AD/DA converter seamlessly integrates into the Dante® audio-over-IP network and is set to revolutionise analogue conversion, delivering unparalleled versatility to recording studios, live sound venues, and broadcast/post-production suites.

Mastering Grade Conversion
The StarNet ADA16 has been designed to produce the ultimate in fidelity and sonic clarity, boasting incredibly low distortion and delivering a flat frequency response that extends far beyond the audible range. The ADA16 offers mastering-grade A/D converters, producing 119dBFS of dynamic range, and pristine quality D/A converters producing 122dBFS of dynamic range with selectable headroom settings of +18, 24 or 26dBu, accommodating any digital standard.

Precision in Every Detail
The StarNet ADA16 employs a modern crystal oscillator clocking system and jitter elimination DAC chips, establishing itself as the ideal master clock in any professional studio environment. Dante connections are facilitated through dual Ethernet ports, providing redundancy in case of network failure or the ability to daisy-chain multiple units in switched mode.

Premium Analogue Output Stage
Derived from the acclaimed 88R console, the ADA16’s analogue output stage exceeds a 100kHz frequency bandwidth, ensuring faithful translation of true 192kHz digital audio. This stable amplification stage can drive long cable lengths without signal degradation.

User-Friendly Control and Monitoring
A front-mounted OLED screen provides ‘at-a-glance’ access to network settings, sample rate, bit depth, and more. Simple menu navigation buttons and input/output LEDs offer intuitive control for all 16 analogue inputs and outputs.

Remote Muting App for Added Control
Following on from the success of the remote controlled 1073OPX, Neve develops remote control capabilities for the ADA16. The remote muting app allows for remote control of the analogue outputs of all units on the network, providing peace of mind and protection against audio spikes. The app also allows for future upgrades further enhancing the remote control capabilities.

Efficient Heat Management
The unit’s external PSU design efficiently dissipates heat, safeguarding internal components and ensuring the StarNet ADA16 is a long-term investment.

Chris Bloor, Engineering Manager at AMS Neve says:
“I am excited to present the StarNet ADA16, Neve’s groundbreaking 16×16 analogue line-level AD/DA converter seamlessly integrated into the Dante audio-over-IP network. The ADA16 is designed to redefine versatility in recording studios, live sound venues, and broadcast/post-production suites.”

Key Feature Snapshot

  • Capable of up to 192kHz sample frequency and 32-bit integer bandwidth.
  • Mastering-grade A/D converters deliver a dynamic range of 119dBFS; pristine D/A converters achieve 122dBFS dynamic range.
  • Low ADC/DAC distortion (<0.0007% ADC, <0.0008 DAC) and a flat frequency response of +/-0.1dBu 5Hz – 40kHz (extending to 2Hz – 92kHz at +/-3dBu)
  • Analogue I/O is provided via four rear-panel DB25 connectors for simple connection to professional analogue equipment and studio patch bays.
  • Selectable headroom options of +18, 24, or 26dBu accommodate any digital standard.
  • Analogue I/O via four rear-panel DB25 connectors for seamless connection to professional analogue equipment and studio patch bays.
  • Remote control capabilities for efficient integration into larger facilities

The ADA16 will be available to order today, with units shipping early February 2024. The unit is priced at £2,795 or $3,795. To place an order please contact your local AMS Neve dealer.

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