Universal Audio Announces Control Surface Support & Sidechaining in LUNA v1.2

Universal Audio, a leading manufacturer of professional audio recording hardware and software, is proud to introduce LUNA v1.2, a milestone software update that brings new features to LUNA Recording System with control surface support and sidechain integration.

LUNA v1.2 is available for free download to Thunderbolt Apollo interface owners, and requires a Mac running 10.14 or later.

Control Surface Support

Control surface support allows users to perform fader movements and adjust mixer parameters in LUNA using any compatible desktop MCU control surface or DAW controller app on their phone or tablet.

Additional features include Bus Spill, which quickly lays out the individual tracks feeding a bus, and Focus Module mode, which allows users to integrate single fader surfaces into larger surface configurations. This update brings additional analog‑style workflows to LUNA and delivers on a highly‑requested feature from users.

Sidechain Integration

With a new dedicated Sidechain Input in LUNA’s utility row, users can apply compatible plug‑ins and extensions — including 3rd party Audio Units and API® LUNA extensions — to tracks for creative mix effects.

LUNA v1.2 Key Features & Updates:

  • Control surface support and sidechaining now available in LUNA Recording System
  • Mix and automate tracks using MCU‑compatible DAW controllers
  • Sidechain with compatible plug‑ins and LUNA extensions for modern effects
  • LUNA app, instruments, and extensions now support Apple Silicon Rosetta
  • Nudge Editing allows for quick adjustments to the timing of clips and MIDI notes
  • Update brings over 20 added features and enhancements since LUNA v1.1

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