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Amphion Have Announced The Launch of Amp400.8 — a Amplifier

In response to the rapidly growing immersive audio market and proliferation of Dolby Atmos format in film, television, gaming, and music production, innovative Finnish loudspeaker manufacturer Amphion have announced the launch of Amp400.8 — a amplifier designed specifically for the needs of multi-channel workflows. By combining the latest advanced Class-D technology and in-house designed proprietary buffer stage, Amp400.8 offers up to 410W of clean, dynamic power across up to 8 identical channels — making it the ideal partner for any immersive audio production setup. Amp400.8 is available for $4500USD and is shipping now. For more information, please click here.

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Clarity you can trust for honest, immersive sound
Amphion has built its brand reputation by questioning the established approach and focusing only on results. Through their passive monitor design, they achieve immaculate translation, excellent imaging, and superior time/phase coherence. These aspects have made them essential studio tools in setups for audio professionals throughout the industry, from Grammy-winning producer/engineers like Finneas O’Connell, Jacquire King, and Dave Pensado to composers and sound designers for film and television like Dean Landon, Justin Fraser, and Danny Cocke. These qualities have also made them an obvious choice for immersive and multi-channel setups that require pinpoint accuracy for making the most of the 3-D grid, which is why they are proving to be the monitor of choice in immersive audio rooms around the globe.

“Atmos is naturally of great interest to us and we have been digging into it deeply. It has the potential of being something very interesting to the end customer, but only if it is done right. We strongly believe that the only way to utilize the considerable, often updatable DSP processing power of the latest immersive monitor controllers is to keep the monitoring chain as transparent as possible. Therefore, it should be free of any unnecessary additional DSP or other electrical circuitry. As the number of channels grow, even the slightest shortcomings in monitoring lead to lack of cohesion, which is clearly audible through speakers as well as headphones.” explained Amphion’s CEO Anssi Hyvonen.

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Maximum detail. exhilarating immersion
In addition to providing the speed, control, and feel inherent to all Amphion amplifiers, Amp400.8’s Class-D power amp provides coherence between all of its 8 channels, giving it consistent power and performance for any multi-channel setup be it surrounds for 7.1.4, fully power 5.1, or multiple separate stereo systems. Amp400.8 features Neutrik XLR and Speakon connectors for each channel providing easy and secure connectivity across the system. Although optimized for use with Amphion’s family of monitors, it also provides excellent results with a wide range of other passive speakers.

“Demand for Amphion equipped immersive rooms has virtually exploded during the past couple of months. The first Dolby certified Atmos room in Italy was installed a few months ago, and the only mixing / mastering Atmos room in Finland with the Dolby codec has just become operational during summer in Helsinki. In addition, there are multiple rooms being built across the globe and we are excited to witness the results these talented engineers create with our products.” says Hyvonen

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