Tuesday, July 23, 2024

PreSonus Announces Full Native Support for Apple Silicon-based Macs


PreSonus® announced that all of its plug-ins, extensions, and hardware drivers for macOS®, as well as its Studio One® 5.4, Capture®, Universal Control, PreSonus Hub, and Worx Control applications for macOS now offer full native support for Apple Silicon processor-based Macs®. PreSonus macOS apps are now delivered as universal binary installs and are switchable between native Apple Silicon and Rosetta Intel®-emulation modes. Native mode offers additional CPU optimization for overall better performance but requires plug-ins and instruments to be native as well.

“We’ve always been proactive in staying on top of the latest computer CPUs and OS updates, and having full native support for Apple Silicon is extremely exciting for us,” observes PreSonus Executive Vice President of Product Management John Bastianelli. “Our Mac customers can now take full advantage of the incredible processing power of the new Apple Silicon processors, enabling them to use more plug-ins, VIs, and tracks, all with increased efficiency. At the same time, we support Rosetta 2, so, for example, Studio One will continue to ‘play well’ with properly designed third-party plug-ins that have not yet made the jump to native Apple Silicon processing. And of course we continue to support the Intel platform.”

PreSonus software is available from a variety of sources, including directly from PreSonus. Studio One, Notion, and all other PreSonus-brand software are also included in PreSonus Sphere memberships. For more information about PreSonus products, visit www.presonus.com.


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