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ASSR Announces ASSR-Online Course Based Around Acclaimed Alan Parsons DVD Series

SANTA CRUZ, CA, USA: based around legendary producer, engineer, and artist Alan Parsons’ award-winning Art & Science Of Sound Recording DVD series namesake (narrated by American actor, writer, director, and musician Billy Bob Thornton) that teaches about recording and production, project/company Art & Science Of Sound Recording (ASSR) is proud to announce ASSR-Online — a new recording course, taken exclusively online, allowing anyone to learn from their internationally-acclaimed instructor at any time from any device, offering 26 video-based lesson modules that draw upon what was already the most complete examination of the subject ever undertaken, now open for enrolment with new and updated content, plus industry certification awarded upon course completion — as of November 12…

ASSR’s attractively-priced ($395.00 USD) ASSR-Online course comprises almost 11 hours of online video training spanning 26 lesson modules that cover the fundamentals of music production, each made up of a main video lesson module; a specific (printable) ‘keywords’ glossary; additional supporting audio, video, or image files; and a specific assignment related to the lesson. Learners enrolled onto ASSR-Online are provided with a professionally-recorded 62-track raw multitrack (5.12GB .WAV) session file of a complex rock song with a ton of vocal harmonies — namely, the Alan Parsons-penned-and-produced ‘All Our Yesterdays’ (featuring session bassist Nathan East, Foo Fighters keyboardist Rami Jaffee, The Alan Parsons Live Project vocalist P. J. Olsson, session guitarist Tim Pierce, and drummer Simon Phillips — to remix and interact with at 24-bit / 88.2 kHz recording resolution from the comfort of their own DAW (Digital Audio Workstation). And as if that is not enough to be working with, ASSR-Online students are also provided with three additional raw multitrack session files for use during the course, including a multi-mic’d grand piano recording by ASSR’s Julian Colbeck (with which they can access different microphone positions and mixes), a choir recording (with which they can create their own mix of an MS — Mid/Side — mic’ing arrangement, shown in the Recording A Choir lesson module), and the full multitrack of a track from a recent Colombian concert by The Alan Parsons Live Project (performing with a symphony orchestra). On the face of it, that the aforesaid ‘All Our Yesterdays’ raw multitrack session file itself is otherwise available to buy from ASSR’s online shop for $99.00 USD puts the ASSR-Online course into its rightful pricing perspective.

Put it this way: while $395.00 USD is not necessarily an impulse purchase — particularly in today’s turbulent times, what is being bought into with ASSR-Online is an authenticated training program from the extraordinarily gifted musical mind of GRAMMY® Award-winning producer and engineer extraordinaire Alan Parsons. Professionally starting out as an assistant engineer at Abbey Road Studios in London, where he worked with The Beatles (on 1969’s Abbey Road and 1970’s Let It Be) and engineered Pink Floyd’s fame-propelling The Dark Side Of The Moon album in 1973, he has since enjoyed a multi-decade-spanning, multi- platinum career as a producer and as an artist with The Alan Parsons Project.

But back to the comparative comfort of ASSR-Online learning, each lesson module also offers a forum engine for communication between fellow students, and each lesson module concludes with a 10-point quiz specific to the lesson — complete the quiz to move on to the next lesson. Listed lesson modules are: A Brief History of Recording; Studio Acoustics – a guide to how sound behaves in rooms; DAWs and Current Equipment Choices in 2020; Microphones; Consoles and Controllers; Digital Audio and Computers – a guide to the technology; Monitoring – from loudspeakers to ear buds; MIDI; EQ (Equalization); Compressors and Limiters; Noise Gates; Reverbs; Delays; A Band Tracking Session; Making Beats; Vocals; Internet Recording; Recording Drums; Recording Keyboards; Recording Bass; Recording Guitar; Recording Guitar With Vocal; Recording A Choir; Live Recording – an introduction; Mixing; and, last but by no means least, Dealing With Disasters. Duly completed, students are awarded an ASSR-Online certification in The Fundamentals Of Recording & Music Production.

Prospective purchasers could consider enrolling on the ASSR-Online course for a number of reasons: they want to get music production training from one of the most renowned figures in the industry with a career spanning The Beatles to a GRAMMY® win in 2019; they are already making music at home and want to develop skills and knowledge; they are in a band and want to be able to make decent demos without breaking the bank; they are the parent or guardian of a student interested in music production who has decided to defer until ‘normal college life’ returns, so this will act as a powerful way to make use of their time and prepare them for further education when that time comes; they are already a seasoned musician but want to get to grips with modern recording tools and techniques; they are an educator working in this fast-changing industry and want to pick up tips from a master to broaden their knowledge; they need industry certification for work or education opportunities; they are not getting enough out of YouTube — between click bait and unqualified presenters (whose work they have never even heard), they are seeking context, authenticated instruction, and actual learning as opposed to just looking; they cannot afford to take out a student loan to attend a physical audio engineering school or college course, whereas with ASSR-Online $395.00 USD is the total investment involved.

Whatever way anyone approaches ASSR-Online, they can rest assured that they will be learning from an internationally-acclaimed producer, engineer, artist, and instructor — in their own time and at their own pace. “A minimum of 26 days — you can’t go quicker than one module a day, but, more sensibly, do one module a week; it’s not a race.” So say the course creators. Wise words, indeed. Duly designed from the ground up to be taken online, ASSR-Online course- certified graduates will carry with them for life the knowledge that they have gained.

Enrol on the ASSR-Online course for $395.00 USD via the dedicated webpage — where there is a wealth of in-depth information — here: (Alternatively, a four-month payment plan is also available at $98.75 USD per month.

Please note that anyone who has previously purchased any version of Alan Parsons’ award-winning Art & Science Of Sound Recording series — on DVD or as downloadable videos or video-on-demand — will receive a discount of the product purchase price up to $149.00 USD (the cost of the DVD boxed set) that can be applied to the ASSR-Online course cost. (Owners of any such product should simply contact ASSR at before enrolling online, stating what they have, where and when they made their purchase, and ASSR will send an appropriate discount coupon.)

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