Sunday, September 24, 2023

Introducing SoundID by Sonarworks

Sonarworks, the award-winning audio-tech specialists, announce SoundID – enabling personalized audio perfected for each listener across any device in 2020.

An early demonstration of SoundID will be debuted at CES, and starting today Beta version will be available on the iOS App Store and Google Play Store, ahead of the full roll-out in Q2 2020. Headphone manufacturer 1MORE will also be showcasing SoundID integration at CES, ahead of further 1MORE hardware and software integration in 2020.

This transformative SoundID technology has been developed by the same Sonarworks team that is behind the precision audio software used by Grammy-Award winning producers in over 45,000 professional recording studios in the world. Based on the biggest ever research into sound preferences – a 39,000 sample size – Sonarworks have developed a unique method of analyzing and augmenting sound using machine learning and big data based sound preference and hearing tests. By comparison, conventional audio-tech companies would develop their software solutions based on a pool of a few hundred respondents.

SoundID solves a long-standing problem in the audio-tech space. Until now, manufacturers have applied a ‘one size fits all’ approach regardless of the many variables – hardware options, audio formats, while not taking into account the variable of the end user – all of whom hear differently and have their individual preferences.

Subsequently audio manufacturers have targeted sound profiles that are favoured by less than 20% of the overall market as the latest identifiable group. By contrast, SoundID enabled audio is favoured by over 78% of listeners in blind testing.

SoundID will transform the way listeners enjoy audio – a quick one-time in-app hearing test that includes age, musical preferences, and hardware configuration will create your SoundID profile. That profile will eventually be automatically enabled across all your devices – including portables, creating a seamless listening experience for the end-user that is individually perfected every time.

Martins Popelis, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer at Sonarworks, said: In 2012 we transformed the professional audio market with our products that are now used wider as a key tool of the creation process. Now, we are putting a stake in the ground to do the same in the consumer audio sector. Bespoke audio personalised to each listener is now a reality with Sonarworks’ SoundID. Audio profiles have been an issue for the market for decades, having to target the preferences for less than 20% of the market. Now we have a seamless experience in SoundID that is measurably better than the current products on the market.

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