Thursday, April 18, 2024

Amphion Unveils the Amp700

As digital amplifier technologies continue to develop, our solution in creating a speaker/cabling/ amplifier synergy helps in maximising a system´s lifespan. The original Amphion amplifiers were introduced in 2014. Now five years later, it is time to embed current technologies into an all new Amp700, which will replace the Amp500. After evaluating all amplifier technology-options currently available in the marketplace, we found a module which fulfilled our requirements.

Amp700 delivers rock-solid control and tight, fast, high-resolving power to get maximum performance from your Amphion monitors. Amp700 provides 2 x 350 W for 8 ohm, and 2 x 700 W for 4 ohm load, which gives plenty of headroom for the highest level of performance. Our in-house made buffer stage allows you to set the amplifier gain according to the used speaker model/application, which makes Amp700 highly suitable for all Amphion models.

To reach the needed sonic character and performance, an in-house designed A class buffer-stage was added to complement the merits of the D class technology. This improved the sonics further by adding a subtle touch of class A sound to D class topology. Three step adjustment (0 dB, -12dB, -24dB) of the amplifier input sensitivity allows finding suitable settings for each speaker model / application. This makes Amp700 a perfect partner to all Amphion models. Naturally Amp700 was developed and optimised for Amphion monitors, but we trust it provides good results with a wide range of speakers.

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