Tuesday, October 3, 2023

TK Audio Announces The All New Tkomp Rack and Tkomp500 Compressors

TK Audio proudly presents the T-Komp, a compressor with a unique design.
The key feature is the ratio, which is level dependent and increases with the signal level, like the vari mu compressors.

To make it as useful as possible the T-Komp has two ratio ranges. The first one goes up to 20:1, perfect for instrument tracking and smashing drums etc., the second one is a more narrow range which makes it more suitable for bus compression.
The T-Komp can be selected between feed-forward mode for a punchy, modern response or feed-back mode with a smoother, more musical response.

The RMS detector has five settings, four from fast to slow where number four, the slowest, is similar to the old 160VU. The fifth position is a program dependent adaptive mode.

It is also equipped with a blend control for easy parallel compression, a HPF-filter to make it less sensitive to low energy like bass and kick drum, and for stereo use there is a link switch.

The T-Komp is the perfect workhorse both for tracking and mixing!
Level dependent ratio which increases with the signal level just like vari-mu compressors.

Two ratio ranges, 1:1 to 20:1 or 1:1 to 2:1.
Feed-forward mode for a punchy, modern response or feed-back mode with a smoother more musical response (rack version only).
Five RMS settings, four from fast to slow and a program dependent adaptive mode.
Blend control for easy parallel compression.
150Hz sidechain HPF (rack version only).

The T-Komp is available as a dual mono rack unit or as a single channel 500-series module. They are available for ordering from October 16th 2019.

All units are assembled by hand in the workshop in Halmstad, Sweden.

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