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Sonnox Announces Oxford Drum Gate

Here at Sonnox HQ we’ve become progressively frustrated with the unreliable results we get when using traditional tools to gate drums; chatter, misdetection, choked and lost ghost notes to name but a few.

Perhaps, like us, you’ve also become tired of the overly complex and time-consuming workflows needed to get the clean and consistent results you want?

Then please let us introduce the Oxford Drum Gate; it’s swift and logical workflow solves all these problems and delivers the fastest, most musical and transparent results available.

There are 4 aspects to the Plug-In:

1. At the heart of it is intelligent drum-hit Detection. First, all hits are analysed in real-time using tailor-made transient detection. Then, you simply decide which hits on which drums to keep.

For example, do you need to reduce spill on a snare track in a dynamic mix of backbeats, ghost notes, and cross stick hits?

No problem! Just click the Snare button. Everything else is gated out.

2. Tired of fighting abrupt and un-musical gating? Do you want to keep the natural ring of toms and remove the spill around them?

Easy! Use Drum Gate’s adaptive Decay section to quickly tune the resonance of each tom, in real-time, according to the velocity of each detected hit.

3. Wish you could improve the consistency of the drummer’s performance?

Of course you do! Conform louder main hits and softer background articulations to two separately controlled target level ranges in the Leveller section.

4. Want to augment/replace individual drums with samples and confidently retain the dynamics from the original performance?

Piece of cake! It’s delivered by Drum Gate’s hit detection and MIDI triggering functionality.

The Oxford Drum Gate will launch at an introductory retail price of £127.50/$183.00, $172.00 MAP.

This 25% saving will last until midnight GMT Wednesday 4th December 2019. After which it’ll revert to its full retail price of £170.00/$244.80, $230.00 MAP.

We’re rather proud of this new addition to our family!

Interested in learning more? Then please visit our site:

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