Friday, September 29, 2023

Burl Updates The BDA8 Digital To Analog Converter Daughter Card

THE NEW BDA8 DAUGHTER CARD with Avid HDIO Delay Matching and NextGen Analog

The BDA8 Digital to Analog Converter Daughter Card has been a tried and true card option for the B80 and B16 Motherships for years. Today, we are releasing the NEWLY upgraded BDA8 Daughter Card with BURL NextGen Analog circuitry.

In addition to this upgrade, we will also be including more features to the BDA8 such as improved thermal dissipation, a switchable filter select, and Avid HDIO delay matching.

The new design features tighter bass and higher definition throughout the audio spectrum. Instruments and mixes have a more 3D sound, with wider stereo image and even more depth while preserving the original shape and harmonic balance of the source.

If you thought the current BURL Audio products sounded great, these new analog designs are sure to blow your mind.

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