Friday, March 1, 2024

Plugin Alliance Update ADPTR Audio Metric AB

Plugin Alliance have just released an updated version of ADPTR Audio Metric AB. Version 1.1 can be downloaded from the Installation Manager. This update introduces a number of bug fixes and some great new features, please see the change log below.

  • Added ‘Solo In Place’ to Stereo/L/R/Sides channel mode
  • Master fader for B stream+Workspace dividers
  • Drag and drop now swaps files when dragging a file onto an occupied b-trace
  • Fixed some memory leaks
  • Fixed no track selected in mini view after loading a preset
  • Fixed a crash when loading unsupported file formats and multi channel files
  • Fixed cue marker moving when cue point recalled
  • Fixed track sync value mouse scrolling glitches
  • Fixed incorrect frequency zoom when filter zoom lock enabled
  • Added B stream master fader
  • Added 36dB and 48dB filter slopes
  • Added drag and drop track re-ordered in the playlist
  • Added ‘Organise Tracks’ menu option
  • Added ‘Apply Current Playback Mode Globally’ menu option+Added infinite average mode
  • Added current playhead position time readout
  • Added cue and loop marker position time readouts
  • Added ‘Import Folder…’ to load entire folder of audio tracks at once
  • Added frequency marker readout and cross hairs for mouse position on analysis graphs
  • Added selecting B track toggles A/B button state
  • Added large dynamics target PSR meter readout panel
  • Filter parameters now exposed to host for automation purposes
  • Cue points can now be clicked on the waveform overview
  • Latch mode playback now starts from the active cue point after a preset or session has been loaded
  • Analysis metrics are now computed with loudness match gain applied
  • Analysis meter hold times now settable down to .1 second
  • Expanded settings and default preferences page

You can also watch the incredibly informative video which goes over the changes as well!

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