Talaiot Audio Factory Releases the TAF 4312i 4 Channel Preamp

The TAF 4312i is a high quality 4 channels mic/line preamplifier hosted in a 1U rack case. Big and punchy sound with a smooth top end as heard on countless hit recordings.

The design employs a 312 preamplifier circuit with a discrete 2520 type operational amplifier and transformers on both inputs and outputs. High headroom and low distortion are characteristics of this design. Only high-quality components with tight tolerances are used throughout. Also due to careful placement of inside components, very low crosstalk between channels is achieved.

Comes with gold Neutrik XLR input and output connectors and gold discrete socketed opamps for ease of service or custom swapping for different opamps. A separate power supply helps achieve very low noise operation.

All of the channels have two transformer isolated outputs per channel at the back and a HI Z input on the front panel for instruments and keyboards. All of these features make the TAF 4312i a versatile unit for professional studio or live use. Can be ordered without TAF 312 internal boards. This is a good solution for those who have the luxury of having original vintage 312 boards and want to make a full preamplifier out of them. You have to open the unit and plug those boards to the internal 15 pin connector and they will be ready to work with all of the features. Can also be ordered with Jensen input transformer option if desired.

  • 4 channels of the classic American console sound
  • Front panel switch for 20dB input pad, phantom power, and polarity reversal
  • HI Z input on the front panelUp to 65 dB of gain
  • FAB 2503 custom made output transformers
  • Custom choice of with or without 312 cards
  • Soldered by hand

Introductory price €1800