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Avid Releases EUCON 2019.5.1 Software Update

EUCON 2019.5.1 Software Update Now Available for Avid Control Surfaces

EUCON 2019.5.1 is an important maintenance release for all Avid control surfaces that delivers fixes for issues related to system performance. This software update is available now for download via your Avid Account (S3, Dock, Control App, and S6 on a current Avid Support Plan) or My Artist Series Account for Artist Series controllers.

New and Changed Features in EUCON 19.5.1

EuControl Software v19.5.1 provides the following new and changed features.

For S6 and EuControl:

  • Improved Momentary Fader Value DisplayEuControl (only)

EuControl (only)

• Open Windows on Workstation Attention


Improved Momentary Fader Value Display (S6 and EuControl)

Display of track name and values can be configured using the Show Timed Fader Values and Fader Value Timeout settings. In EUCON 19.5.1 these settings have been improved to provide more options to optimize name/value display.

  • In S6, these settings are located in the Strips section of the User > Settings page.
  • In EuControl Settings, these are located in the Preferences tab.

Open Windows on Workstation Attention
(EuControl Only)

To improve window behavior, the Open Windows on Workstation Attention setting has been added to the General tab of EuCon- trol Settings.

  • When this setting is enabled, plug-in, pan, or send windows in your DAW open when a track is attentioned according to the current Attention Most Recently Clicked DAW Area settings.
  • When this setting is not enabled (the default setting), windows only open in the DAW when you explicitly attention a track from your control surface.This setting was introduced in S6 software version 19.5. Beginning in v19.5.1, both EuControl and S6 now provide this setting.

EUCON v19.5.1 Release Notes

for S6, S3, Dock, Pro Tools | Control, and Artist Series Control Surfaces

What’s Fixed in EUCON 19.5.1


• Some S6 M10 system licenses could fail after upgrading to v19.5 (GWSW-12430)
• VCA bus knobs could fail to update displayed values (PT-251990) Requires Pro Tools 2019.6

All EuControl Devices (S3, Dock, Pro Tools | Control, and Artist Series) and EuControl Software EuControl:

  • Soft Keys for Pro Tools could fail to import into v19.5 (GWSW-12432)
  • On macOS Mojave, text such as application names could appear upside down (GWSW-12442)
  • Pro Tools | Control could fail to accurately indicate workstation connection status when focused on a non-EUCON application (GWSW-12441)
  • Layouts could fail to be saved as expected (GWSW-12455)
  • It was possible for windows to open and close(or not) in a nundesirable fashion when using the Attention and Open Window settings added in v19.5.
  • S3 and Mix: OLEDs could fail to update (GWSW-12431)
  • S3: Plug-in and Send windows could fail to close after navigating back to the top level Inserts or Sends view (GWSW-12456) Requires Pro Tools 2019.6
  • Adding or deleting tracks in Cubase or Nuendo could appear to freeze and blank out surfaces (GWSW-12466)
  • MackieControl could fail to load if auto-started by EUCON Preferences on macOS (GWSW-12443)
  • An appset has been added for Calendar on macOS

All Systems:

  • Show Momentary Fader Values could fail to show parameter values as it had in previous versions (GWSW-12427, GWSW-12438)
  • To improve Momentary Fader Value display, new options have been added to support the Fader Value Timeout slider. SeeImproved Momentary Fader Value Display.
  • Navigating in the Pro Tools Edit window using the “p” or “;” keys could fail to maintain track Attention and/or window focus (GWSW-12433)
  • Functions not set to open windows could fail to close windows (GWSW-12453) Requires PT 19.6


The following description of the Close Windows on Workstation When Exiting setting appeared in the 19.5 editions of the What’s New in EuControl 19.5.pdf, Pro Tools Control Guide.pdf, Pro Tools Dock Guide.pdf, and Pro Tools S3 Guide.pdf:Close Windows on Workstation When Exiting
When this setting is enabled, attentioning any other track “exits” the current function and closes the corresponding window type(s) selected in Open Windows on Workstation When Editing (unless the same function exists on the newly attentioned track, in which case the window remains open but is focused on the newly attentioned track).

Correction: In EUCON software 19.5, opened windows would in fact not follow if the same function existed on the newly attentioned track. This behavior has been fixed in EUCON software 19.5.1 (windows now do follow attention, as previously documented).

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