Saturday, April 20, 2024

Soyuz Introduces the 013 TUBE

Soyuz Microphones has added the 013 TUBE small diaphragm condenser mic to its lineup. It is a close sibling of the 013 FET, but designed to deliver a smoother top end for a more natural, colorful sound. It also costs twice as much.

Precision Meets Warmth

The 013 TUBE and 013 FET small diaphragm condensers meld musical precision with transformer color. Their unparalleled transient response and precise yet warm detail make them the ideal mics for drum overheads, acoustic guitar, piano, rooms, and any other applications where you want to capture top end clarity and midrange with detail.


The 013 Series comes with a choice of two different circuits: fet and tube. Both models share identical capsules and form factors, all while having a similar sound. While both the FET and Tube models are similar, there are some subtle differences between the two. The 013 FET, with its FET circuit, captures transients with a faster response. The 013 TUBE has a smoother, round top-end perfect for sources where you want a natural sound with more coloration.

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