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Slate Introduces The Raven MTZ

Over the past three decades, the entire recording studio ecosystem has shifted from a tactile analog environment to a virtual digital environment which rests upon a computer screen.

In 2012, Slate Media Technology realized that in order to get the most immersive studio workflow, no better solution existed than to turn the screen into a world-class control surface. So they created the Raven, a multi-touch monitor that integrates seamlessly with digital audio workstation software.

RAVENs are now found in top studios around the globe, including those of Snoop,, Steve Aoki, Mark Needham, Dolly Parton, and many more. The original large-format Raven, the MTX, had a price tag of $16,000.

Now at NAMM 2019, Slate Media Technology is proud to announce the next evolution of the large format professional Raven Series, the Raven MTZ – available for order at just $2,999!

The MTZ boasts a 43” projective capacitance no-bezel panel with TEN ultra-accurate multi-touch points. With a depth of only 1.5”, the MTZ is sleek, ergonomic, and the ultimate solution for the modern professional studio.

Slate is proud to announce that the first Raven MTZ will be installed in the world-famous NRG Recording Studios Mix Room C, where it will replace an older large-format analog console.

The MTZ will have multiple desk options made by top manufacturers such as Zaor, Argosy, Sterling Modular, and more.

Contact your dealer for more information.

Find A Dealer – Slate Media Technology

Product Page: RAVEN MTZ – Slate Media Technology

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