Sunday, September 24, 2023

Stam Audio Announce SA-609 Neve 33609 Replica

The Stam Audio SA-609 is a faithful replica of the legendary Neve 33609 two-channel compressor/limiter.

The 33609 was an evolution of several previous Neve creations, and found its way into the master chain of studios worldwide. Noted mainly for its ability to glue elements of a mix together, it was also prized for its ability to add colour compression, or transparent limiting, depending on the user’s desire.

Affectionately known by many as the “Metal Knob” compressor, the 33609 utilised a diode-bridge based topology, and spawned several revisions since its inception in 1969. Our SA-609 strictly follows the original “Metal Knob” schematic with the use of BA440 cards and Sowter-Carnhill transformers that reproduce the characteristics of the original Marinairs used on the initial version.

High quality stepped controls allow for easy recall of settings and, and when used for mastering duties provided a higher degree of precision.

With the same hand wired transformers and feedback circuit as the classic Neve 2254. The SA-609 is the ideal compressor for the stereo bus on audio mixing and mastering duties, as well as broadcasting applications.

The SA-609 offers a very transparent compression with its lowest 1.5:1 ratio setting, or can be slammed up to 6:1 to get as much attitude as you desire. Its uses are not limited to the master bus, the original was commonly used on drums, vocals, pianos, and other acoustic instruments due to its ability to tame even the most complex source, and the SA-609 replicates this perfectly.
Overall compression is displayed by the front panel with moving coil meters. Each compression channel has threshold, release, makeup-gain, and ratio controls.
The makeup-gain circuit is great for adding a little more grit and warmth to any source, and can be used even if no compression is required. Each channel is also equipped with a brick-wall limiter that has threshold and recovery controls, which is placed after the compression circuit. If you wish, the limiter can be bypassed completely for applications where limiting is not necessary.

For complete flexibility, the SA-609 can be used in linked stereo mode, or the channels can be separated for use as a dual mono compressor. Dual mono mode is ideal for a mix that has a lot of dynamics between the right and left channels.


Stam Audio Engineering products are about sound quality first and foremost. Every component of every single unit is premium quality and carefully selected to ensure our units match or even surpass the quality of high end boutique-gear.
So when you see the price for the SA-609 your first thought will probably be: “how is this possible?”
We have made the bold decision to bypass distributors and retailers and use the typical 30% margin on quality components. Whilst we inherit a slightly smaller reach without distribution, we conversely can afford to have a large budget for parts, allowing us to build a better product at a better price than any alternative offerings across all of our product range. Better components mean better recordings.
That said, how much will a SA-609 set you back?

The stock price for the SA-609 is $1,290 USD
Right now though, if you put a $200 deposit down to preorder your unit you will get the discounted price of $1090 with a remaining balance of $890 before shipping. To fully realize what incredible value this represents, we recommend researching the cost of an original unit online!

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