Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Native Instruments Releases iZotope VEA

Native Instruments today announced iZotope VEA, a new AI-powered Voice Enhancement Assistant for podcasters and content creators.

VEA features AI technology that listens first, then enhances audio so creators can feel more confident with their voice and deliver better sounding content. VEA increases clarity, sets more consistent levels, and reduces background noise on any voice recording.

“Many people don’t love the sound of their voice when listening back to a recording,” explains Todd Baker, VP Product at Native Instruments. “VEA quickly polishes your vocal sound so you can feel more confident as a host or narrator. VEA is also easy to use even if you haven’t worked with audio tools before, so you can spend more time focusing on what you want to say, not on how you sound.”

For people that are new to audio production, VEA features three simple controls that are intelligently set by iZotope’s AI technology. Those that are more familiar with editing vocal recordings will find a new way to finish productions quickly by consolidating their effects chains and saving on CPU.

Key features:

The Shape control ensures audio sounds professional and audience-ready, without having to worry about an EQ. Shape is tailored to each voice, and matches the sound of top creators or podcasts with the free iZotope Audiolens tool.

The Boost control adds loudness and compression as it’s turned up. Easily boost the presence and power of voice recordings without spending time struggling with settings. Boost delivers a smooth and even sound to speech for a more engaging listening experience.

The Clean control takes background noise out of the spotlight so every voice can shine. VEA learns the noise in the room automatically and preserves speech for light, transparent noise reduction.

VEA works as a plugin within major digital audio workstations (DAWs) and non-linear editors (NLEs). For a list of officially supported hosts, see the System Requirements at www.izotope.com/vea.

Pricing and availability
Starting today, VEA is available from www.izotope.com and select retailers.

VEA pricing:
$29 / €29 / £29 / JPY 4200 / AUD 45 / CAD 39 / CHF 29 / CNY ¥199

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