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SPL Announce New Products Channel One Mk3 & Track One Mk3

SPL Announce New Products Channel One Mk3 & Track One Mk3

With Channel One Mk3 and Track One Mk3 we present the next generation of our legendary channel strip classics.

Channel One Mk3 – the perfect front-end for the modern producer.
For over 20 years, Channel One has been a synonym for a high-quality and extremely musical recording and mixing channel strip.

In the newest Mk3 version, this classic has been thoroughly revised. In addition to a higher internal audio voltage (now +/- 18V) for even better, more detailed sound, a further improved preamplifier section, it also provides an integrated Transient Designer, a Tube Saturation stage and a Mic A/B comparison option for two microphones and other great features that raise the modern recording and mixing studio to a new level of quality. With de-esser, compressor and equalizer, all the important tools of a real channel strip are still on board. Whether it’s a microphone, line, or instrument signal, the Channel One Mk3 makes any source sound like a professionally recorded signal. The new design of the SPL Studio Series perfectly highlights the sonic qualities of this 3rd generation Channel One.

Channel One Mk3 product page

Track One Mk3 – compact and competent.
In broadcast and voice recording, the compact channel strip has already made a big name for itself. Whether singer-songwriter, live event or podcast – Track One always delivers a great sound. It enriches the microphone, line or instrument signal. De-esser, compressor/limiter and equalizer ensure professional results.

The high-quality recording and mixing channel strip has been improved again with the latest Mk3 version in some technical details and optimized with the needs of modern recording studios in mind. The new design of the SPL Studio Series provides this third generation Track One with a more intuitive and at the same time classy design.

Track One Mk3 product page.

Both devices are also available in a premium version with built-in transformers by Lundahl.

SPL Channel One Mk3 & Track One Mk3 will be available in stores from November 8, 2023.