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Waves Now Shipping the Clarity Vx Pro Plugin

Waves Audio, the world’s leading developer of professional audio signal processing technologies and plugins, is now shipping the new standard in noise reduction for voice: Clarity Vx Pro and Clarity Vx, two revolutionary real-time noise removal plugins for voice and dialogue, powered by Waves’ groundbreaking AI audio technology, Waves Neural Networks®.

The Clarity plugins remove noise from voice recordings and dialogue at the highest audio fidelity, with no artifacts – and in a fraction of the time. Both plugins work in real time and are fully automatable. This is a revolution in post-production audio workflow: Post-production engineers and re-recording mixers can now hear clean results immediately, non-destructively, within their DAW and in the context of their full video or audio session – without having to render, bounce, duplicate or consolidate tracks. This makes it possible to achieve class-leading results of the highest audio quality – faster than ever.

Clarity Vx Pro is the more advanced of the two plugins. Both plugins feature the same Waves Neural Networks engine, but Clarity Vx Pro adds more features with a higher level of surgical control.

Thanks to its Neural Networks engine, Clarity Vx Pro cleans noise with no compromise to the integrity of the original voice performance, which remains natural and consistent. With this technology, ADR (Automated Audio Replacement) may finally become a thing of the past. Clarity Vx Pro is also intuitive: no longer do you need to wade through a dozen-plus modules in order to clean dialogue at the highest quality. The Neural Networks do the heavy lifting – via the main “Ambience/Voice” control – leaving you time to address the finer details via the powerful advanced features.

Clarity Vx Pro’s most groundbreaking aspect, however, is its lightning-fast real-time workflow. In the past, plugins that delivered noise reduction at a professional quality needed to “learn” the profile of every noise segment, making the process long and cumbersome. The results would be sample-specific as well, so you would need to go through the same lengthy process every time.

Thanks to Waves Neural Networks, Clarity Vx Pro already understands and recognizes what is voice and what is noise; it doesn’t require any learning time. Its engine is a universe fed with hundreds of thousands of audio files of vocal recordings and trained – through the combination of machine learning and meticulous human evaluation – to recognize the difference between voice and ambience. This enables the plugin to work instantly, in real time, as you are watching your source or listening to the original audio.

Clarity Vx Pro includes two “catch-all” Neural Networks that address any problematic scenario. Each performs differently based on the input:

  • Broad 1 preserves both the main and secondary voices, when more than one voice is present in the recording.
  • Broad 2 excels at separating the main voice from secondary background voices, when more than one voice is present in the recording. It is also recommended for removing more severe noises.

In addition, Clarity Vx Pro offers many advanced features, allowing you to finesse your results beyond the simple voice removal achieved with the main control:

  • Ambience Keeping – allows you to keep the ambience or noise while removing the dialogue. This is the fastest, highest-quality way to isolate the real production sound to use as ‘fill’ underneath your studio ADR for more realistic dialogue. This feature has endless uses for foley, sound design, broadcasting, dubbing and more.
  • Multiband controls: Four separate bands to achieve more refined results.
  • Each band has five controls: noise reduction processing amount, solo, bypass, delta and pure gain, for surgical noise reduction and voice enhancement.
  • VCA control over all four bands that can adjust global noise reduction processing amounts, maintaining the ratio of the multiband settings.
  • Reflections control to restore the natural reflections of the voice after noise reduction.
  • Voice-sensitive (rather than volume-sensitive) Neural Network ambience gate, which can lower the residual ambience in between dialogue replicas (during unvoiced parts).
  • Width control to sum the L/R output signal from stereo to mono.

The smaller Clarity Vx plugin is the simplified version of Clarity Vx Pro – same Neural Networks (both networks are included); same phenomenal noise removal quality with the original voice remaining intact; same real-time workflow – only without the above advanced features.

With the Clarity plugins, post-production engineers can finally devote less time to tedious noise cleaning tasks, and more time to creative sound design and voice enhancement.

Clarity Vx Pro Features:

  • Industry-leading noise reduction for voice at exceptional quality
  • Real-time workflow with full automation
  • Lightning-fast results – performs all noise reduction tasks in a single pass
  • Powered by Waves Neural Networks technology
  • Saves hours of time and tedious work
  • Edit and mix dialogue in context, inside the DAW, with other video and audio tracks playing
  • Ambience Keeping feature – can lower or remove the voice from noise
  • Advanced controls including four separate bands with process amount, solo, delta, bypass, pure gain adjustment and VCA control
  • Reflections control that smoothly brings back the natural reflections
  • Neural Network ambience gate to lower the level of the voice in between replicas
  • Mono/Stereo width control
  • Includes the smaller plugin Clarity Vx

Clarity Vx Pro video:
Top Dialogue Mixers Test Clarity Vx Pro: Real-Time Noise Reduction:

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