Saturday, July 20, 2024

Logic Pro Gets An Update 10.6.2

New in Logic Pro 10.6.2

New features and enhancements

  • Fixes an issue where high latency plug-ins could cause timing issues for side-chain routing and automation.

Stability and reliability

  • Fixes an issue where Logic Pro may quit unexpectedly when using Bass Amp Designer under Rosetta 2 on a Mac with Apple silicon.
  • Improved stability when using Audio Units running natively on a Mac with Apple silicon.
  • Logic Pro no longer becomes unresponsive when quickly changing presets on the Vintage Organ.
  • Resolves an issue where Logic Pro could quit unexpectedly when renaming Arrangement Markers after a Marker Set has been created
  • Logic Pro no longer quits unexpectedly when Explode Folders is selected  for a folder in the Score.


  • Large sample-based instruments now load more quickly.
  • The playhead no longer appears to be stuck when playback is started after the computer wakes from sleep.
  • Performance is improved in large projects in which the Console 1 Lua script is installed.

Sampler and Quick Sampler

  • Manually created slices in Quick Sampler are now properly assigned to pads when converted to a Drum Machine Designer kit.
  • Optimizing the Loop Start/End in Quick Sampler now updates the loop playback range as expected.
  • Automating Smart Controls to modulate Envelope 1 Attack in Sampler now sounds correct when the display shows the value returned to 0.

Live Loops

  • MIDI Live Loops cells that are set to Play from Playhead Position now play back in sync when triggered while the project is playing.


  • Resolves an issue in which some multi-output Audio Unit software instruments showed more outputs than were actually available.
  • MIDI effect Audio Unit plug-ins running natively on a Mac with Apple silicon now output MIDI as expected.
  • Controls View is now available on Audio Units running natively on on a Mac with Apple silicon.
  • Performance is improved when streaming audio to Elektron hardware using the Elektron Overbridge plug-in.


  • The Mixer now displays correctly after Hide buttons on several tracks have been enabled.


  • Time Machine volumes can no longer be selected as the destination when relocating the Sound Library.
  • Resolves an issue in which relocating the Sound Library to an external drive was not possible.


  • Automation of toggled parameters for Audio Unit plug-ins now work as expected.

Export and bounce

  • Regions that are bounced in place are now named based on the Track, rather than the Channel Strip.


  • Edits applied with the Fade tool to multiple selected regions now work as expected.

Smart Controls

  • Fixes an issue where touching the Limiter level parameter in the Smart Controls can cause an unexpected drop in level.

Track Stacks

  • The names of sub-tracks in a software instrument track stack now display properly.

MIDI controllers and control surfaces

  • Resolves several issues with Lua script support for control surfaces.
  • When a Drum Machine Designer track is selected, control surfaces now display the channel strip as Drum Machine Designer instead of displaying the name of the audio plug-in on the first insert slot.


  • If the left and right locators are set to the same position and Cycle is enabled, putting Logic Pro into play mode now disables Cycle.
  • Fixes an issue where the playhead might not respond correctly after the Mac wakes from sleep.
  • A highlighted Marquee section is now dismissed after it is Option-dragged to copy the selection.
  • Marquee selections are now deselected after the Repeat function is used.

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