Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Apple Releases Logic Pro 10.6

New in Logic Pro 10.6

New Features/Enhancements

  • Adds the ability to control Step Sequencer using Logic Remote on your iPad or iPhone to create beats, bass lines, and melodic parts.


  • Logic Pro no longer quits unexpectedly:
    • When beaming a large number of notes in the Score.
    • When making long recordings into Quick Sampler.
    • When stepping through ChromaVerb presets.
    • Occasionally when setting color display options in the Piano Roll.
    • When opening a project from GarageBand for iOS that contains a Live Loops grid with no columns.
    • When “Apply Region to Project Tempo” is performed using an audio file whose tempo had been previously removed and recalculated and is part of a Multitrack Set.
  • Logic Pro no longer hangs:
    • When the Paste Multiple command is applied in the Score editor if the clipboard is empty.
    • If all tracks except an external MIDI track are deleted from a project containing a Live Loops grid.
  • Resolves an issue where Logic Pro could unexpectedly quit when reversing the direction of a Live Loops cell during playback.
    • Fixes an issue where Logic Pro occasionally quits unexpectedly when moving plug-ins to different positions in the Mixer while using VoiceOver.
    • Resolves an issue where Logic Pro could quit unexpectedly when changing the MIDi port setting for a Monitor object in the Environment.
    • Resolves an issue where Logic Pro sometimes quits unexpectedly when clicking in the patch library immediately after saving a project.
    • Resolves an issue where Logic Pro could occasionally quit when selecting the Additive tab in Alchemy after creating a new track from a sample.
    • Resolves an issue were Logic Pro could quit unexpectedly when multiple projects are open.
    • Resolves an issue where Logic Pro could quit unexpectedly when changing the MIDi port setting for a Monitor object in the Environment.
    • Logic Pro no longer changes when audio is processed in “Beats Only” mode in the Time and Pitch Machine.
    • Logic Pro no longer hangs when dragging an audio file with a name that contains “/“ into Quick Sampler.
    • Resolves an issue where Logic Pro could occasionally quit when selecting the Additive tab in Alchemy after creating a new track from a sample.
    • Logic Pro no longer shows an error when trying to create a Template in certain rare cases.
    • Resolves an issue where using the “Repeat Multiple” command with MIDI regions whose lengths are not even bars, beats or divisions could occasionally cause Logic Pro to behave erratically.
    • Resolves an issue where Logic Pro could quit unexpectedly when dragging a repeat symbol to the score.


  • Creating a Drum Machine Designer instance from an audio file containing multiple slices is now much faster.
  • UI performance when editing Flex Pitch on long audio files is improved.
  • Logic Pro no longer appears to hang when importing large Sampler Drum Kits into Ultrabeat.
  • Projects named with the file extension in uppercase now open as expected.
  • Disk I/O activity while playing a large number of audio tracks is no longer unexpectedly high in certain cases.
  • Opening and closing Logic Pro plug-in windows no longer causes memory usage to increase.
  • Resolves an issue where Logic Pro occasionally hangs when certain video files are open in the project.
  • Studio Strings now play back smoothly in cycle mode when there are large tempo changes.

Live Loops

  • The Copy Playing Cells Here command now transfers play status to the copied cells.
  • The Audio Cell Editor is no longer empty after joining two cells containing audio regions.
  • There is now an option “Bounce Second Cycle Only” when bouncing Live Loops cells.
  • Fixes an issue where audio regions transferred from the Tracks area to cells in the Live Loops grid are occasionally transposed unexpectedly.
  • There is now an OK button to exit the Smart Tempo editor when editing an Apple Loop from a Live Loops cell.
  • Deleting the last Live Loops cell on a track now causes playback to automatically switch to the Tracks area.
  • Files bounced from Live Loops cells that have Flex & Follow enabled on tracks where Flex is not active now have the correct length.
  • The Slip and Rotate commands in the Live Loops cell Piano Roll editor now work as expected when the cell is not selected.
  • “Paste at Original Position” no longer pasted at the Playhead position in the MIDI editors for Live Loops cells.
  • Dragging a Marquee selection from a Live Loops cell Audio editor to the Tracks area now correctly sets the editor view to the Audio Track editor.
  • Stopping recording of a Live Loops cell no longer stops playback of all other cells when the playhead has reached the end of the project timeline.
  • Step input from an external MIDI controller now works consistently in Live Loops MIDI cell editors.
  • The Repeat Once command now correctly overwrites content in the Live Loops cell to the right of the currently selected cell.
  • Dragging a scene in the Live Loops grid no longer causes the view to scroll  to the bottom.
  • Live Loops cell editors no longer display the Global Tracks area in cases where Global Tracks are not functional.
  • Fades are now the correct length in the Live Loops Audio Cell Editor when in Drag: X-Fade mode.
  • The “Rename” key command now works for selected Live Loops scenes.
  • Step Sequencer pattern cells now take on the color of the track.
  • Select by Transient in the Audio Cell Editor now reliably selects all transients in the cell.
  • The Copy to Live Loops command now populates the currently focused, or first following empty scene rather than the first empty scene in the grid.
  • Live Loops grids now play and respond as expected after saving as part of an untitled project on systems using UAD Apollo interfaces.
  • The commands “Toggle Zoom to fit selection” and “Zoom to fit All Contents” now work correctly with selections in the Live Loops grid.
  • Copying selected Markers to the Live Loops grid now sets Cell lengths to the distances between Markers in cases where the Marker lengths are 1 clock tick.
  • A cell moved to a different track and then back while playing no longer speeds up briefly.
  • Pasting a Marquee selection into a Live Loops cell now includes any blank space that is part of the selection.
  • The length of a Live Loops cell is now automatically adjusted based on the region Flex & Follow settings when a long audio file is added.
  • Fixes an issue where copying multiple contiguous regions from the Audio Cell Editor to the Tracks Area sometimes results in unexpected overlaps between regions.
  • Changing the tempo of a cell now consistently works with audio files that have had the original recording tempo removed.
  • The Force Legato command now works consistently in the Live Loops MIDI Cell editor.
  • Option-clicking Live Loops cells now toggles their queue status.
  • There is now an option “Copy to Live Loops” in the contextual menu for the cycle area.
  • There are new options in the Live Loops cell contextual menu: “Select all Cells for Same Track” and “Select all Cells of Same Scene”.
  • The Live Loops Cell contextual menu now includes recording settings.
  • It is no longer possible to inadvertently select a cell in the Live Loops grid and a region on the same track in the Tracks area.
  • Audio files added to the Audio Cell editor are no longer placed one bar to the left of the position clicked with the pencil tool.
  • Cells containing flattened take folders now play back reliably at the correct tempo.
  • Cutting a portion of the start of Take region in the Audio Cell editor no longer removes the same section from other takes in the Take folder.
  • Control + Option rubber band now zooms the view in the Live Loops grid.
  • Fixes an issue where edits applied to individual Takes in the Live Loops Cell editor are occasionally applied to the Take folder.
  • Pattern cells in the Live Loops grid can now be reliably deleted after performing Undo in the Step Editor.
  • Live Loops cell recording behavior is no longer affected by the cell playback mode.
  • Live Loops cells created by dragging a marquee selection of audio regions to the grid now play back in sync and at the correct tempo.
  • Track selections made in Logic Remote’s LCD display are now reflected in the Live Loops grid.
  • Cell colors in Logic Remote now update reliably when the Track color in Logic Pro is changed and the Region display preference is set to “As Track Color”.
  • When a flexed cell is copied to an empty track, the track now reliably switches to the flex mode of the copied cell.
  • Cell or scenes in the Live Loops grid can no longer be inadvertently dragged when tools other than the pointer are assigned.
  • Pattern cells in the Live Loops grid now reliably continue to respond to automation after a cycle jump.
  • When non-crossfaded regions overlap in a Live Loops cell, the first region now stops playing when the second begins.
  • Recording to MIDI cells in the Live Loops grid now works in cases where Auto Punch is enabled in the Tracks area and the playhead is outside the Auto Punch locators.
  • Exclusive Groups in Drum Machine Designer now perform as expected in Live Loops cells.
  • The Live Loops grid now automatically scrolls to show scenes selected using the Previous or Next Scene key commands.
  • Recordings made into MIDI cells in the Live Loops grid are now correctly positioned when Low Latency mode is enabled.
  • Fades on reversed cells are now rendered properly when a Performance recording is created.
  • It is now possible to stop and retrigger an individual cell without stopping playback entirely.

Sampler/Quick Sampler

  • The Root Key in Quick Sampler can now be editing using the keyboard.
  • Scrubbing in the Sampler zone editor is now possible when the Loop Range encompasses the entire sample.
  • MIDI Continuous Controller can now be assigned to controls in Sampler by right- or Control-clicking them.
  • In Sampler or Quick Sampler a Mod Matrix slot can now be created by right- or Control-clicking a target parameter and choosing a source.
  • Sampler now retains the view of modules configured by the user when re-opening the plug-in window.
  • An audio file dragged to a Zone in an empty instance of Sampler is now immediately displayed in the Zone editor.
  • The tooltip shown when hovering the cursor over the default Zone volume knob now correctly shows “–6 dB.”
  • The loop mode in Sampler can now be set directly from off to any other mode without setting it to Forward first.
  • Sampler now reliably loads the correct settings for bundled instruments.
  • Groups are no longer unexpectedly still selected after the “Select Last Group” setting is disabled.
  • Performing Undo after inserting a Slice marker in Quick Sampler while zoomed in no longer causes the view to unexpectedly zoom out.
  • Selection “Show Mod”  when right- or Control-clicking a modulation control in Sampler now shows the modulation when the Modulation panel is closed.
  • Exchanging a sample in a gain-optimized Zone now optimizes the gain for the newly added sample.
  • The maximum zoom in the Sampler Zone Key editor has been increased.
  • When working in Slice mode in Quick Sampler, the active slice marker is now displayed on top of the sample start marker.
  • Multiple clicks in an empty zone panel in Sampler no longer triggers multiple file load dialogs.
  • There is now a Preview audio button in all modes in the Quick Sampler window.
  • There is now a command in the Sampler Zone edit panel to add a new zone.
  • The Sampler Zone editor now immediately updates the view to show enabled EQ Power fades.
  • Selections made in the Zone list are now maintained when the cursor is moved into the Waveform display area.
  • The waveform in the Sampler Zones panel now updates when switching zones with the keyboard while in Round Robin mode.
  • Dragging  a stereo file to the Track Header to create a Quick Sampler instrument no longer creates a mono instance.
  • The “Show used columns” command in the Zone editor contextual menu now consistently shows the Flex column when Flex is in use.
  • Automatic pitch detection for Sampler and Quick Sampler now consistently detects the correct pitch.
  • Quick Sampler’s display has been improved in cases where there are a large number of slices has been improved
  • The Ctrl key can now be used to temporarily override the Snap setting in Sampler and Quick Sampler
  • Sampler and Quick Sampler no longer show animations when the Display Preference “Show Animations” is disabled.
  • Sampler now sorts Zones numerically as well as alphabetically.
  • The LFO On/Off button now shows in Controls view in Sampler and Quick Sampler.
  • It is now possible to edit the Velocity settings of multiple zones that belong to different groups in Sampler.
  • Highlighting of selected zones in Sampler’s list view now displays consistently.
  • The Command key can now be used to temporarily override the snap value in the Quick Sampler grid.
  • The names of slices from Sampler and Quick Sampler are now displayed in the Piano Roll.
  • The Sampler Zone Editor column can now be resized when the plug-in window is at 150% scaling.
  • File names are now visible in the Sampler Zone Editor.
  • Sampler now retains changes to the Waveform Zoom setting when the plug-in window is closed and then reopened.
  • Optimized Import in Sampler now automatically assigns audio files to round-robins based on file names that include “rr1,” ” rr2”…
  • When working in the Zone table or mapping area the Preview button in Sampler now keeps the focus on the respective area to make navigation using the arrow keys easier.
  • Sampler now sets velocities automatically when multiple samples with file names that include dynamic indications such as “fff,” “mf,” “pp” are imported.
  • Double-clicking a Zone in the mapping area now opens the Zone Panel.
  • Round Robins created from a selection of Groups now play in the same order as the Groups.
  • Saved patches in Sampler that use the default sine wave now play back correctly when recalled.
  • The Zone Mapping menu in Sampler now immediately updates to show changes made in the Zone Editor.
  • It is now possible to audition samples in Classic or One Shot mode in Quick Sampler.
  • There is a new Track Header drag and drop option “Zone per Note” to create a Sampler instrument.
  • Performing undo after exchanging a kit piece or loading a patch in Quick Sampler now immediately updates the waveform display.
  • It is now easier to swap the position of Zones in Sampler by selecting two zones and choosing ‘Zone > Remap > Swap’
  • Zone snapping in Sampler now responds to transient edits made in the Audio File Editor.
  • Audio file names can now be edited in Sampler.
  • When opening projects that contain EXS instruments that can’t be found, Sampler now shows the names of the missing instruments.
  • The accuracy of slice positions in Quick Sampler is improved.
  • Edit Key Labels in Sampler now works as expected.
  • Sampler now offers several new options to remap notes to Zones: Remap Notes, Fill Gaps (Notes Only), Fill Gaps (Vel Only).
  • Resolves an issue in which it was sometimes not possible to drag an audio file to a position between two existing Zones, even if there was room.
  • The Save As command in Sampler no longer overwrites the original instrument preset.
  • Sampler now plays audio files on which Undo has been performed after editing in the Audio File editor.
  • Slices now reliably appear in instances of Quick Sampler created by dragging a MIDI region to the Track Header.
  • Sampler now successfully loads EXS instruments with filenames longer than 57 characters.
  • The volume of Quick Sampler presets is now more consistent when Optimize Gain is enabled.
  • Loop data written into audio files by Sampler or Quick Sampler is now used when the files are loaded as Original into new instances of Sampler or Quick Sampler.
  • Zones now play back edits performed on their audio files in Audio File editor.
  • Sampler now automatically finds all missing files in a folder once the first missing file in that folder has been located.
  • The volume setting for newly created Zones is now consistently 0 dB.
  • Apple Loops edited in Quick Sampler are now copied to the Project folder as expected.
  • Canceling a Zone per Files import in Optimized mode now instantly stops the operation.
  • Auto Split when creating an Optimized Sampler instrument now works reliably with short, percussive sounds.
  • The accuracy of detection has been improved for audio recordings that contain soft transients or short duration fundamental frequencies when creating optimized Sampler instruments using Split at Silence.
  • Creating an optimized Sampler Instrument using “Split at Silence” now creates an instrument with a single zone when an audio file containing no silence is dragged to the Track Header.
  • Key labels entered into Sampler now appear immediately in the Piano Roll.
  • Fades are now immediately displayed on the waveform in Sampler and Quick Sampler.

Step Sequencer

  • Learn mode in Step Sequencer is now automatically disabled when deselecting the Pattern Region.
  • Closing the Step Sequencer editor while it is playing back no longer leads to stuck notes.
  • Fixes an issue where adding a Pattern region in a new project and enabling Learn occasionally creates a large number of unexpected new rows.
  • The playhead now displays at the correct position in the Step Sequencer editor Pattern regions that contain cells with left border offsets.
  • All rows in copied pattern regions now play reliably.

Remix FX

  • Automation values for the Remix FX plug-in now display the correct parameter types.

Drag and Drop

  • Drag and drop from the Live Loops cell editor to the Track Header to create a Quick Sampler instrument now works reliably.

Auto Sampler

  • The Auto Sampler “Auto Loop Start”and “Auto Loop End” files are now populated as expected when accessed from the keyboard.


  • VoiceOver now announces the status Track Record Enable.
  • VoiceOver now announces readout values for the Level Meter and Loudness Meter plug-ins in Controls View.
  • VoiceOver no longer announces audio regions as muted when they are on tracks with no output assigned.
  • The EQ tab in Smart Controls is now accessible with VoiceOver
  • VoiceOver now announces the solo and mute state of tracks when using the up/down arrows to navigate through the track header.
  • VoiceOver now announces the number of record-enabled tracks when the Track Header group is selected.
  • It is now possible to access the Logic Pro legacy plug-ins using VoiceOver.


  • Multimode filters in Alchemy can now be set to the note C3.
  • The Gate control for the Acoustic Reverb in Alchemy now works as expected.
  • The Mod section Target menu is now organized by target destinations rather than sources.
  • Fixes an issue where sample loop points occasionally create a click sound when a project or setting is reloaded.
  • Single cycle waveform sample files no longer exhibit clicking artifacts when looped in Alchemy.
  • Instances of Alchemy using addictive synthesis created by dragging an audio file to the track header now show the correct audio waveform.
  • Alchemy now immediately responds to MIDI note input after audio added to a Source drop zone.
  • MSEG envelope points that have been dragged all the way to the left in Stretch mode no longer get stuck, and can now be dragged back to the right.
  • Alchemy now reports the correct latency when its limiter is turned off.
  • Synthesis and effects accuracy is improved in Alchemy.


  • It is now easier to make precise adjustments to the Pre-delay setting in Chromaverb using a mouse.
  • Manually typed Pitch values in the Vocal Transformer now transposes to the correct pitch.
  • Automating the bypass state of Auto Filter no longer causes clicks and pops.
  • Fixes an issue where the ENV setting in the Modulator plug-in occasionally skips a cycle when the LFO rate and Release Time are identical.
  • The Modulator plug-in LFO now continues to output as expected with Symmetry values lower than 0.97.
  • Pitch Correction no longer quantizes slowly rising pitches to values in between semi-tones when the Response time is set to 0.00 ms.
  • Plug-in windows set to Link mode now update reliably as different plug-in slots are clicked.
  • Option-clicking a plug-in control to reset it to its default value now works when Caps Lock is on.
  • Ultrabeat’s LFO display now switches from Hz to rhythmic values when the it is switched from Free to Sync mode.
  • The scale values in Space Designer’s EQ are now correctly displayed.
  • Ultrabeat and Drum Synth now reliably recall changes to LFO settings in cases where the LFO in Sync mode.
  • Plug-in windows now reliably reopen at their most recent position.
  • The “Custom EQ” label now appears as expected when a custom EQ model is chosen in Amp Designer.
  • Retro Synth now properly creates wavetables from surround files.
  • The bypass button in hidden plug-in windows now updates to reflect changes in made in the Mixer.
  • Plug-ins on busses are no longer dimmed and uneditable in certain rare cases.
  • The channel order is now displayed correctly in Audio Units in Surround mode.
  • Option-clicking the Track On/Off button to enable or disable plug-ins now work when there is a Take folder on the track.
  • The ENV to LFO Amp control in the MIDI Modulator plug-in now has effect at settings of less than 100%.


  • Automation for the Rate parameter of Arpeggiator in free mode now shows the correct values.
  • When using Region-Based automation with Remix FX, Logic Pro no longer creates an unexpected Gate ON automation point at the beginning of the region.
  • Region-based automation now responds to the Rotate command.
  • Enabling Automation Quick Access before it has been configured no longer brings up an endless loop of error messages.
  • Editing Region-based Automation in soloed MIDI regions no longer deselects them.
  • Fixes an issue where performing Undo after editing Region-Based Automation occasionally causes the automation to appear to be interpolated when it is not.
  • Automation edits created by dragging the Pencil from right to left are now reliably applied to all members of a group of tracks.
  • Transpose values entered by keyboard to the MIDI Transpose plug-in can now be recored as automation.
  • Region-based automation now is now dimmed as expected when Automation is turned off.

Drummer/Drum Machine Designer

  • It is now possible to load Kit Piece Patches to multiple Drum Machine Designer pads assigned to the same input key.
  • Performing Undo after exchanging one sample for another on a Drum Machine Designer pad now correctly reassigns the previous sample.
  • Clicking “+” on a Drum Machine Designer pad now opens the Patch library.
  • The Drum Machine Designer window is no longer hidden behind the Main window after a sample is added to a pad and then the Main window is clicked.
  • Group Solo is now triggered when soloing from a Drum Machine Designer pad that is assigned to a Mix Group.
  • It is now possible to map Drum machine Designer pads to the C-2 note.
  • Drum Synth now responds to continuous pitch bend messages.
  • Selection of Pads in Drum Machine Designer can now be controlled using TAB and Shift + TAB.
  • Dragging a new sample to an existing Drum Machine Designer pad no longer resets the channel strip to defaults.
  • When a Drum Machine Designer kit with multiple missing samples is loaded, there is now a “Skip All” dialog.

Flex Time and Flex Pitch

  • Playback is no longer slower than expected when using the Flex mode Speed in projects set to a sample rate of 96 kHz.
  • Fixes an issue where transposing audio regions could occasionally cause them to unexpectedly shift position.
  • SMPTE-locked regions in which the region anchor is not at the region start no longer shift position unexpectedly when Flex & Follow is enabled.
  • The Flex Pitch display now updates immediately after trimming regions.
  • In Flex Pitch mode, the Track Editor now opens to show the correct pitch range to display notes from Takes or Comp segments.
  • Quantization now works in audio regions that have been trimmed before quantization was applied.
  • Creating Flex markers now consistently works on regions where the right end has been trimmed.
  • Flex Time now reliably activates when a Quantization value is applied to an audio region
  • Flex Markers can now reliably be created in regions that have been trimmed to a different length.
  • Fixes an issue in projects that contain tempo changes, where enabling Flex Time on a region occasionally causes it to automatically stretch.
  • The starting position of quantized audio regions is now reliably maintained when the left border is trimmed to the right and then back.
  • Enabling and then disabling Flex Time on a track in a song originally created on GarageBand for iOS now correctly re-enables Follow Tempo.
  • It is now possible to reliably cut regions precisely to the grid with the Scissors tool at all tempos.

Smart Tempo

  • Enabling Flex Time/Follow Tempo on a Take folder now reliably places all Comps at the correct positions.
  • The Smart Tempo editor no longer detects variable tempos for regions that were recorded at a constant tempo.
  • “Apply Region Tempo to Project Tempo” no longer unexpectedly shortens the other regions of a Smart Tempo Multitrack Set in cases where “Maintain relative positions of all other regions” is enabled.
  • The volume control in the Smart Tempo editor is now reliably at the correct value when a MIDI region is opened.
  • The Smart Tempo now reliably updates the tempo display or MIDI regions when changing from Constant to Variable tempo or vice versa.
  • Custom time signatures can now be added in the Smart Tempo Editor.


  • Peak and hold values on channel strips are now more accurately calculated and displayed.
  • The “Bypass All Effects Plug-ins” command on channel strips now acts as a toggle.
  • Selected tracks within Track Stacks are now reliably selected in the Mixer when it is opened.
  • After bouncing regions in place to a new track, the hidden original track is no longer visible in the mixer until the screenset is recalled.
  • The Mixer now updates properly after unhiding tracks.
  • Tracks within a Track Stack created using the “New Track with Duplicate Settings and Content” key command now have the same routing as the original track.
  • VCA labels in channel strips are now immediately updated to reflect changes made to a VCA channel strip.


  • Selecting regions on grouped tracks no longer causes the wrong Track Alternative to be selected on the bottommost track.

Key Commands

  • There is now a key command in the Audio File Editor to “Set Anchor by Playhead”.
  • There is now a key command for Live Loops to “Export Selection as Audio File”.
  • There are now key commands to set a region anchor point to the start or end of the current Marquee selection.
  • There is now a key command to select all currently playing Live Loops cells.
  • It is no longer necessary to click on newly opened plug-in windows to get Key Commands targeted for them to work.
  • The Close All Plug-ins command now closes open Drum Machine Designer windows.
  • There is now a key command to open an independent Step Sequencer window.
  • The Rotate key command now works correctly after all the audio regions in a one track folder are selected in the Audio Track editor.
  • There is now a key command “All Regions/Cells of Selected Tracks”.
  • All selected Takes are now affected when using the Nudge Right key command.


  • Selecting notes outside the cycle zone in the Piano Roll no longer incorrectly enables Catch mode.
  • “Define Brush Pattern” in the Piano Roll is now available in new projects when the Advanced Tools preference is disabled.
  • The Piano Roll for Live Loops MIDI cells now immediately showed changes to selection of notes when the cell is not playing.
  • Notes that are slipped to the left beyond the pickup grace period for a region are no longer visible in the Piano Roll editor.
  • The Control and Shift keys can now be used to allow more precise positioning when Option-dragging to copy items in the Piano Roll.
  • Holding Shift while adjusting the lengths of multiple selected notes in the Piano Roll now sets them to the same length as expected.
  • Selected audio regions in the Event List now behave correctly when custom Groove Templates are applied.
  • Resolves an issue where Catch Playhead sometimes unexpectedly activates in the Piano Roll own editing notes during playback.
  • Fixes an issue where copying a note within an existing region in the Piano Roll sometimes causes the region to extend unexpectedly.
  • Fixes an issue where notes clicked into the Piano Roll using the Brush tool are sometimes placed an octave too low.
  • Custom values are now reliably retained when the Transform window is closed and then reopened.
  • It is now possible to delete custom created Transform sets.
  • Entering a chord in the Piano Roll chord editor for the first time now longer always enter a “Cno3” chord.


  • A user created slur attached to a note on the next line no longer creates an unexpected automatic slur.
  • The tooltip now shows a “+” to indicate dragged events are being copied when Option-dragging in the Score window.
  • Pressing Return to trigger the OK button in Time Signature window now works when the control for the number of beats has focus.
  • The Score Layout tool now works correctly when assigned to the right mouse button.
  • When opening the Chord Grid library, the last-used library becomes the new default.
  • Creating a Score Set from a selection of regions now works as expected.
  • Notes can now be entered to Score Sets with small scale values in Linear View.
  • When a large number of notes are beamed in Linear View, the beams now display reliably for all notes at all zoom levels.
  • The clef selector now shows the currently assigned clef when the Viola clef is assigned to the region.


  • Crossfades now display at their correct positions on comp segments in Take folders.
  • Audio files recorded into Take folders are now named using the Take name, if the Take is the entire length of the Take folder.
  • Take Folder lengths are now adjusted to account for changes in Takes when Follow Tempo is enabled.

Track Stacks

  • A recording preview is now displayed when recording MIDI to a Summing Stack that includes Audio tracks.
  • Creating a new track by dragging a region from a track stack to the empty area below the last track no longer adds the new track to the stack.
  • Dragging a summing stack below a closed folder stack in the Track Header no longer adds the summing stack to the folder.

Track Alternatives

  • Selecting a region in an inactive Track Alternative now selects its track if the “Select tracks on region/marquee selection” preference is enabled.

Global Tracks

  • Automation now moves correctly with Arrange Markers.
  • Adding a first time signature change at any position other than the project start now brings up a dialog asking whether to change the signature for the project or to insert the change at the current position.


  • Existing automation on a track is now retained when importing Content from another project if the “Automation” import option not selected.
  • Flex time on existing tracks is no longer disabled when importing tracks from another Logic Pro project.


  • It is now possible to share Logic Pro projects using Mail Drop.
  • Improves reliability when sharing projects to GarageBand for iOS.


  • Logic Pro now detects inserted ARA plug-ins at launch.
  • Logic Pro now shows an alert when an incompatible audio file, such as an MP3 or Apple Loop is dragged to a track using an ARA plug-in.

Apple Loops

  • Dragging an Apple Loop over the beginning of an existing looped region now replaces it as expected.
  • Apple Loops now consistently preview at the correct project tempo.

Sound Library

  • Logic Pro now triggers a prompt requesting Full Disk Access when moving the  Sound Library to an external drive.
  • It is now possible to change sound settings on legacy GarageBand instruments that were originally created by dragging Apple Loops into the tracks area.
  • The Patch Library now maintains the focused area when changing tracks.

Control Surfaces/MIDI Controllers

  • Supports all Novation Launchpad grid controllers and no longer requires turning the device 90-degrees to align with the Live Loops grid layout.
  • Lua scripts for MIDI controllers can now set the Version filed in the divide inspector.
  • The “controller_finalize()” command in Lua scripts is now properly processed when quitting.
  • Fixes an issue where toggle modes on Novation Launchpad X and Mini Mk3 could occasionally get stuck.
  • Improves Lua script compatibility with several MIDI controller devices that offer multiple MIDI inputs or outputs.
  • Controller assignments are now mapped properly with the M-Audio Axiom Pro 49 controller.
  • The fader bank size is now shown correctly for attached Launchpad MK2 devices,
  • The Cancel button on Mackie Control surfaces now closes a selected folder.

Impulse Response Utility

  • Video files can now be used as a sound source in Impulse Response Utility.
  • It is now possible to set the Impulse Response Utility to perform shorter sweeps for cases where better transient response is preferred over better frequency response.
  • It is now possible to drag multiple audio files into Impulse response Utility to facilitate creating true stereo and multi-channel IRs.
  • 4 channel B-Format and AmbiX files can now be processed by the Impulse Response Utility.


  • The Record Repeat command no longer triggers an unintended Undo step.
  • Performing Undo after inserting Drum Machine Designer on a Software Instrument track no longer sets the input of the track to an audio input.
  • Performing Undo after changing the lengths of crossfaded overlapping regions no longer removes the crossfade.
  • Performing Undo after editing Control Change messages in the Event List no longer creates unexpected interpolated events.
  • Fixes an issue where performing Undo after recording to a Software Instrument track occasionally shifts plug-ins to the wrong tracks.
  • Setting a Transpose value in a Region Inspector and then setting a different value now creates an Undo step.
  • Activating the Automation Select tool by pressing Control-Shift and selecting automation points now creates Undo steps.
  • Pressing the :2 or x2 button in the Tape Delay, Stereo Delay, Echo or Arpeggiator plug-ins now creates an Undo step.
  • It is no longer necessary to grab a Flex Pitched note before performing Undo on Flex Pitch edits.
  • Fixes an issue where articulation sets occasionally disappear after performing an Undo.
  • Performing Undo after deleting an audio recording now restores the audio region as expected.
  • Option Double Click to delete selected automation data now generates an undo step.


  • A movie window on a separate display now remains visible when Logic Pro is not in focus.


  • Note-off events are now reliably passed through environment objects cabled to channel strips.
  • Togging a button in the Environment no longer sometimes causes other buttons to unexpectedly toggle.


  • Moving the left corner of a SMPTE-locked region to the left no longer causes its MIDI events to unexpectedly shift positions.
  • Fixes an issue where performing “Separate by MIDI Channel” on a region occasionally creates new tracks for the wrong MIDI instrument.
  • The scroll position in the Environment window is now properly recalled when opening a locked screenset.
  • The Play button in the File Browser now works on systems running macOS Catalina.
  • The contextual menu for audio regions in the Tracks Area now includes a setting “Reverse On/Off”.
  • The “Trim region end to next region” command now calculates from the start of the region rather than the anchor position.
  • Regions that overlap the cycle zone now are moved properly when the “Cut Section Between Locators” command is used.
  • Dragging or nudging a region to the right to overlap the next region’s start position no longer causes two unexpected region segments to appear in the Project Audio window.
  • Dragging regions to a Protected track no longer unexpectedly places them on the track after Cancel is pressed in the warning dialog.
  • The MMC Format preference panel now shows the correct value after making a setting, closing the window and then reopening it.
  • No Overlap mode now works as expected when nudging regions by key command.
  • Fixes an issue where Drum Replace/Double loads the first preset for the drum type rather than the one chosen.
  • The Rotate key command no longer causes unexpected gaps between audio regions in one-track folders.
  • When the Musical Grid is turned off, clicking with the Marquee tool no longer makes extremely small unexpected selections.
  • Deleting tracks no longer causes the track header to narrow.
  • The Articulation dropdown menu no longer appears in the Inspector for tracks that do not contain articulations.
  • The “Zoom to Selection” command now works correctly if part of the selection includes regions on a track with a user set track height.
  • A single click followed by a two finger click (right-click) on a track pad is no longer sometimes interpreted as a double-click.
  • Frozen Software Instrument tracks now play correctly after the project has been converted to a higher sample rate
  • There is now a Display Preference to apply region colors to the entire track.
  • Regions dragged from the top level of the Tracks area into a folder now are placed at the correct position.
  • MIDI regions created with Force Touch gestures on a track pad are now placed at the cursor position as expected.
  • Simultaneously deleting two regions while in Shuffle L mode no longer leaves an unexpected gap if the second deleted region is shorter than 1/16 note.
  • Fixes an issue where a save dialog is sometimes presented when closing a project that has not been changed.
  • The “Separate by MIDI Channel” command now places new tracks immediately below the original track as expected.
  • The selected track no longer unexpectedly changes after recording if there are open Take Folders using Flex Pitch and the preference  “Select tracks on region / marquee selection” is enabled.
  • Looped regions no longer play back notes to the left of the region start that fall within the playback grace period.
  • Tracks now reliably display correctly after Flex & Follow is disabled.
  • A crossfade is now created when the “Nudge Event Length Right by Nudge Value” key command causes a region to overlap the next region when the X-Fade drag mode is enabled.

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