Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Empirical Labs Announce The BIG FrEQ Plugin

Empirical Labs is proud to announce the BIG FrEQ Plugin

Empirical Labs is proud to announce their BIG FrEQ Plugin, partially extrapolated from our Lil FrEQ hardware EQ but expanded upon in sections and features. With twelve powerful sections of processing, it should single handedly be able to take care of all your tonal and spectral shaping needs for single tracks, as well as busses, including use as a versatile mastering tool. As always, Empirical brings new twists and functionality to Plug-in EQs, and labors over making it mindless to learn, and just plain FUN to use.

BIG FrEQ EQ Features:

  • 12 Powerful Sections of Processing
    A unique FINISHER Output Section, for adding analog, tape-like saturation. And YES, it’s a different type of Soft-Clipping than the Arousor, so will not pile up any bad artifacts if used in conjunction.
  • 10 Sections of EQ – Six original Parametric EQ Sections, HP, LP, High Shelve, Low Shelve
    Unique infinitely adjustable SLOPE function in all 6 Parametric Sections. Allows “Flattop” EQ shapes.
  • Section “SOLO” for each Parametic EQ band. Listen to the exact frequencies being treated.
    Focus frequency function, aids in speedy adjustment and Parametric EQ Tuning.
    Boost Cut knob Ranges show +-15 for easy control on first GUI drawing, but switchable to +-30dB.
  • Unique Copy Section function in the Parametric sections, allows swift setup, as well as moving band location.
  • Dual Activation – Allows two iLoks locations, one for your main studio, one for your home or on the road.
  • HP and LP have selectable orders from 6dB to 96dB/Oct, and adjustable Q/Resonance control.
  • Cumalitive EQ display – Individual bands shown, and then cumaltive as a thick line.
  • Minimal Latency – Zero Latency
  • Master Phase switch
  • Mono/Stereo Versions
  • Stereo version un-linkable, for Dual Mono operation.
  • Oversampling Option, with up to 8x’s Oversampling available, and tested up to 768KHz operation.
  • Direct entry of parameters – Like on Arousor Knobs. Double click to type in value, and hit enter.
  • Smoothly Automate ALL parameters.
  • Color Coded Functions and Sections
  • Tested on several Control surfaces.


Price: $149 – $99 Pre-release Offer

Pre-release Version

We’ve been overwhelmed and grateful for the excitement about BIG FrEQ. So much so that we’re making this pre-release version available now and for a special price of $99 (MSRP upon full release will be $149). We really hope you’ll love the sound and features of our first EQ plugin as much as we do and be sure to share your thoughts, presets, and tracks with us on directly and on Gearslutz. While BIG FrEQ has already been through an extensive beta process, there is still the chance that a bug or two has slipped through so please contact customer support if you find something. The target full release date is September 15th and while we don’t anticipate any changes which will alter settings or sound characteristics, it is possible this could become necessary.

BIG FrEQ Formats

AAX 64-bit (OSX and Windows)
VST3 64-bit (OSX and Windows)
AU 64-bit (OSX)

Product page: http://www.empiricallabs.com/big-freq/

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