Thursday, December 7, 2023

All Plugin Alliance Plugins Are Free For 1 Month


This is an important message for you!
We just reset ALL your expired demos, and temporarily extended the demo time! So you can use ALL our plugins for 30 days – for FREE! Even if you had already demoes them in the past.


Hello everybody!

I am going to spare you my view on the world outside, as you know what you are going through already. But while I personally & we as a company had to quickly adapt to the new rules out there just like everybody else, I realized that right now – given the circumstances – we are probably dealing with less issues than most of our users out there.

“We can work from home for the most part, and we sell online exclusively for years already.”

When I thought about this, I realized that we probably have hundreds of thousands of customers out there that are struggling right now. Gigs and shows are being cancelled, restaurants and shops are closing. And everybody knows that most artists have day jobs to pay for the bills, so $$ will be tight for many people in our community in the next few weeks and months.

Many artists are used to sacrificing a lot in order to pursue their musical dreams. But you can take a lot away from artists, just not their music! In fact, I wrote many of my best songs in times when I was not my best…
and I am sure you know the feeling.


So, in an attempt to at least give you all something to play with and make you smile in uncertain times, we want to enable you to use ALL of our 110+ plugins for free, for a whole month! So we have reset Millions of old and expired demos and have even temporarily extended our demo period to 30 days! (14 days usually)

If you are interested in locking yourself in (pun intended) and rocking out with all our tools and toys for 30 days, please just follow these easy steps.

This month is on us, and we do hope it will help at least a bit!

Download our PA Installation Manager
“Select All” and download / install all 124 plugins in one go!
Open your preferred DAW (Pro Tools, Cubase, Logic, whatever…)
Activate any of the plugins from the GUI (User Interface) and enjoy them for 30 days – FREE!
Details: PA Activation Manual

Even if you have already tested some of our plugins in the past, you can now just re-activate them and continue using them for another 30 days! BTW: the activation screen may state “14 days” (because this is how our system usually works…), but you will receive 30 days as you can verify in your plugin toolbar later.

Obviously, if you already own or rent licenses for certain or all plugins, you will not be able to start new trials for those plugins.

Best wishes to you all, and please stay safe and healthy everyone!

Lastly, please tell us on Instagram or Facebook what you will create with your new 30-day demos. Enjoy!

Dirk & the PA Team

Important Info for all MEGA Users
If you are signed up for a MEGA Bundle monthly plan, please do not cancel your plan! Otherwise you will have to start over again to qualify for your $249.99 cash-back voucher, which you will receive after 12 continuous payments for MEGA.

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