Saturday, December 2, 2023

Announcing Output Studio Monitors In Collaboration with Barefoot

Output is leaping into Pro Audio with their first studio monitors, built in partnership with powerhouse, Barefoot Sound. Available in summer 2020, the Output studio monitors combine the audio fidelity that only Barefoot can bring, with Output’s hand-crafted design. Final pricing is expected to come in around $699 each.

“There’s no point in jumping into a crowded market like studio monitors if you can’t change the game,” says Output CEO, Gregg Lehrman. “No one is better at studio sound than Barefoot, so we were thrilled to get to design something new with them from the ground up. We believe these will be the best sounding and looking speakers on the market for the price. And because we’re selling direct, that price will be quite fair for what it is.”

Output studio monitors will be available in the US and EU, with Canada and several other countries worldwide to follow. The waitlist opens on January 14, 2020. For more information visit

● 6.5 inch time-aligned, concentric driver; speakers can be positioned horizontally or vertically.
● Powered monitors with combo connector (XLR / 1/4) + RCA
● Solid walnut wood base
● Dimensions: (h)13” (d)7.875” (w)9.0625”

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