Wednesday, July 17, 2024

RME Announces macOS Catalina Compatibility

With Apple’s new OS for the Macintosh, Catalina, causing alarm across the pro audio world due to poor compatibility with numerous brands of hardware and software, German interface manufacturer RME announced that its products work with macOS Catalina 10.15.x.

According to the company, RME drivers are written in-house, which the manufacturer claimed allowed it to react to OS changes more rapidly than might be expected. RME interfaces compatible with Catalina include Babyface Pro, Digiface AVB, Digiface Dante, Digiface USB, Fireface 802, Fireface UC, Fireface UCX, Fireface UFX II, Fireface UFX+, MADIface Pro, MADIface USB and the MADIface XT. Apps must be fully 64-bit and drivers should be “notarized” as required for operation with Catalina OS 10.15.x.

RME’s non-USB interfaces, including the PCle, Thunderbolt and FireWire, have beta drivers available for download now so its customers do not experience interruption or delay in their projects.

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