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Introducing the Neve GenesysControl Plugin

AMS Neve is pleased to announce the Neve GenesysControl plugin; Analogue – Automated.  This new plugin for all major DAWs provides the final link to total integration between the iconic Neve Genesys Black and modern DAW workflows as well as extending the feature set of the Genesys Black, allowing a new era of hybrid mix possibilities.

The GenesysControl plugin, which was first announced in October at AES in New York, can be applied in the DAW to a mono, stereo or master track and can be assigned to control selected channels on the console, allowing powerful automation without sacrificing the instant recall of in-the-box workflows.  This enables the user to mix traditionally using the console, to work in-the-box, or a unique combination of both approaches to get the power and speed of working in-the-box, yet still have the undeniable sonic benefits of using a real Neve Analogue Console.

The elements which can be controlled and automated are; all EQ and Dynamics parameters and in/out switching, Aux in/out switching, Channel path faders and cuts, Monitor path faders and Cuts, Channel Insert in/out switching, Reverb Return levels and in/out switching, Aux Master in/out switching, Main mix fader and cut/insert in/out switching, IMR (Insert Mix Return/parallel processing) in/out switching, and 8-Track faders/cuts/insert in/out switching.  The names shown by the alpha-numeric displays can also be renamed using the plugin.

The GenesysControl plugin automatically recognises the fitted Genesys analogue processing hardware and all parameter changes are written as standard DAW automation.  Supported DAWs are Pro Tools (AAX) and Cubase/Nuendo (VST), with Logic support to follow later in 2019 (some automation features are restricted within Logic).

Hear AMS Neve product specialists Joe Heaton and Graeme Lynch discuss the plugin here:

A 30-day free trial version of the software is available at from August 1st 2019 and a license to continue to use the GenesysControl plugin after the trial period is priced at $695/£495.

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