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Plugin Alliance Announce Mega Bundle Subscription

Plugin Alliance Announce Mega Bundle Subscription

The NEW Gold Standard for Plugin Subscription!
Imagine a collection of more than one hundred essential plugins from A-List companies like SSL, Focusrite, Ampeg, Brainworx, Shadow Hills, Mäag, Diezel, SPL, Unfiltered Audio and many more.

But instead of paying thousands of Dollars for such a massive collection, you can now get access to ALL of these plugins, while paying only $24.99 per month (coming soon!) or $249.99 per year (available NOW!) in our new subscription plan, similar to your Adobe or Apple Music deals.

Every subscription license can be used for up to 3 machines.

Of course this NEW bundle already contains ALL 6 plugins from our current MEGA Launch campaign:
Shadow Hills, Focusrite, Purple Audio, Ampeg, Diezel, ProAudio DSP (value of the combined MSRPs: $1,494).

Imagine playing, producing, mixing and mastering in your private studio, having access to an unrivaled arsenal of best-in-class native, dongle-free plugins. The same plugins that are being used in the biggest studios around the world.

  • Console Emulations with patent-pending TMT (Tolerance Modeling)
  • Analog-modeled EQs & Dynamics
  • Original M/S Mastering & Mix Tools
  • Guitar & Bass Amps
  • Virtual Instruments
  • Effects, Delays & Reverb
  • Easy Drum Replacement & Samples
  • 3D Mixing (in any DAW!)
  • …and so much more!

Which Plugins Are Included?
A complete list of all of our 100+ MEGA bundle plugins can be found below (please just scroll down). For more detail check ALL our plugins sorted by categories on our Plugin Alliance Product Page.

Try before you subscribe, for everybody!
We have just reset ALL of the demos / trials that have ever been activated via plugin-alliance.com. This means everybody can try ALL of our plugins for 14 days now, even if you have already been demoing our plugins in the past!

A New Business Model That Makes Sense!
Stop chasing the next best flash-sale or deal, and stop paying extra for upgrades or additional services. In fact, signing up for the MEGA Bundle will even give you access to EVERY NEW PLUGIN we will add to the MEGA bundle in the future. At the same time we and the multiple development teams from Brainworx, Unfiltered Audio, fiedler audio, Lindell, Schoeps and more will be able to properly maintain all the plugins for years to come, without charging you for technical updates or added future features.

Let’s Talk About The Future!
Plugin Alliance is proud to announce that we will release many more plugins in the next few weeks, months and years. Lots of new exclusive titles from new Alliance partners, and many plugins “made by Brainworx” that have previously been available exclusively on the prestigious UAD-2 platform, have already been confirmed and scheduled for a PA release. Here is an overview of what is coming soon, and ALL of these plugins will be added to the MEGA Bundle the day they will come out!

Confirmed Upcoming PA Releases

  • A/DA STD-1 Tap Delay (End of July)
  • A/DA Flanger (Late August)
  • Ampeg B-15 (August 5)
  • Ampeg SVT-3Pro (August 5)
  • Ampeg SVT-VR (August 5)
  • Diezel Herbert (Mid August)
  • Lindell Vintage Neve TMT Console (September)
  • Unfiltered Audio LION Synthesizer (August)
  • …and many more already confirmed for Q4 2019 and Q1 2020
  • Please stay tuned!

Monthly Subscription: Coming soon!
The Plugin Alliance MEGA Bundle will be available for $24.99 per month (monthly subscription) from Q4 2019 on. Month-to-Month rental, no minimum commitment, and you can cancel and re-subscribe without a penalty anytime.

Pre-Paid Annual Plan: NOW!
Today you can get the MEGA Bundle for a pre-paid annual subscription of $249.99, which is a saving of 17% over the month-to-month plan by the way! Pay once, and enjoy ALL of the MEGA Bundle plugins for a whole year. Your payment and your licenses will auto-renew after one year. No action required on your end!

Canceling Is Easy!
Should you want to cancel your subscription for any reason, you can do so anytime from your PA account, no questions asked. Whatever time is left on your already prepaid subscription you can still use, of course.

Plugin Guarantee!
We have seen other subscription bundles lose individual plugins over time. In such a case users would have to buy the plugin that’s suddenly missing (if it’s even available separately), or they simply cannot properly open and bounce their existing sessions anymore. We decided that this would be a no-go for PA subscription services. So we took action:

  • We have agreements in place with ALL our Alliance partners that will prevent plugins from dropping out of the MEGAbundle!
  • Once you start subscribing to our MEGA Bundle you will be able to use ALL of the plugins you pay for, for as long as you are an active member.
  • Should any plugin be discontinued for any reason while you are actively subscribed, even if a partner company went out of business, you’ll get a lifelong license for that plugin, free of charge, and we’ll provide the legacy installers for you for years!
  • This also goes for ALL plugins that we will be adding while you are actively subscribed.
  • Guaranteed!

Existing licenses?If you already own PA licenses you will of course keep them. In fact you could even sell them to somebody else after you sign up for the MEGA bundle if you want.

Bundle Value
All of the plugins in the MEGA Bundle have a combined list price of roughly $20,000.00 (twenty thousand US Dollars). Even if you bought all of them at discount pricing you would be looking at spending close to $10k. That’s the equivalent of subscribing to the MEGA Bundle for almost 40 years! During this time we will certainly add many new plugins and release lots of valuable upgrades to the MEGA Bundle plugins and our growing services, like our Installation Manager, for example – at no extra cost.