DSP-Quattro 5.1 Now Available

DSP-Quattro version 5.1 is now available for the public download.

It comes with dozens of little and major new things and improvements, this is the new BatchProcessor:

New: BatchProcessor, very much more powerful respect the one of v4.

  • New: no need to save the Project in advance before to work with it
  • New: new command on the audio file editor to save your edits replacing the source audio file on MacOS file system, outside the Project, with only one mouse click.

… and:

  • New: ISRC codes embedded in WAV files are fully supported
  • New: import/export of audio files in FLAC format (only HighSierra or newer)
  • New: it is now possible to rename audio file and other items on the Documents list by right-mouse clicking.
  • New: Zoom In/Out on the position of the mouse pointer: keeping the control key pressed while using the mouse scroll-wheel, DSP-Quattro does a zoom In/Out around the position of the mouse pointer and not around the Playback cursor
  • New: Playback Cursor Follow OFF or Follow Next Screen options
  • New: row selection on AudioCDLayout Audio Region and CD-Track tables has been revisited and improved. It is now possible to click on the Speaker on a row of both tables to jump to that AudioRegion/CD-Track starting the playback.
  • New: additional options on Preferences
  • New: recording mode has been revisited. New MonoLeft and MonoRight options for mono new recordings.

… moreover:

  • AudioCDLayout graphic engine is drastically faster redrawing when shifting AudioRegions, setting cross-fades, trimming AudioRegion start/end.
  • AudioCDLayout PDF Sheet has been revisited.
  • fixed a potential un-compatibility closing some AU plug-ins causing a crash.
  • code optimization and bug fixing
  • compiled using the Apple SDK for MacOS 10.14 Mojave, tested also in dark mode.