Iron Age Audioworks Announces The IA-1222 Summing Mixer

The 1222 Summing Mixer was designed to replicate the summing bus from a classic large format console: the end of the signal chain and the heart and soul of every mixer.

The unit features 12 input channels, each with a switchable stereo bus and individual pan controls. In addition to the stereo bus, the 1222 has a second pair of switchable mono busses.

Each bus is summed using an active combining amplifier. The stereo bus has an insert point followed by a master fader level control.

The 1222 has a unique feature of dual stereo or stereo and dual mono outputs. This allows great flexibility with signal processing and routing, including parallel processing of a subgroup in a single box. It also allows multiple stems to be created and routed in the analog domain.

As with all Iron Age products, the 1222 uses the M2 discrete operational amplifiers for all amplifier duties. The stereo bus features two gain stages, each with a custom-wound Cinemag output transformer to give your mix the dimension, warmth, and heft that only iron can.

18 op amps, six transformers – lots of possibilities.

MAP: $2000
Available: April 2019 (pre-orders open now)

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Introducing Iron Age Audioworks

Iron Age Audioworks is a US-based manufacturer that focuses on discrete solid state designs. We are musicians who are passionate about good design, and we love making things. All IAA products are designed in house from one end to the other, and are made right here in Texas.

Our tonal building block is an in-house discrete operational amplifier – the M2 – matched with a carefully selected Cinemag output transformer. The M2 op amp is a novel eleven transistor design that produces a very low THD, even-order dominant sound. When coupled with a wonderfully low inductance steel core transformer the combo results in a clear, focused, tight sound.