Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Drawmer Introduces New Products At Musikmesse

Drawmer will be introducing two new products to introduce at the Messe. We’ve been working on some interesting additions to our 1970s FET series.

1974 : 4-band Stereo Parametric Equaliser

With just one set of controls for both channels, this is a genuine stereo unit. Variable Low-cut & High-cut filters perfectly tune out any unwanted signals, and with fully variable bandwidth, you have absolute control over the parametric mid-bands.

Switchable slope, plus low peak, allows you to adjust the focus & magnify the bottom end. And with indented & accurate potentiometers, you get greater precision with fast & simple recall.

1976 Stereo 3-band Saturation & Width Processor

With a nod to our DC2476 Digital Master Processor, the 1976 will inject character, color & life into your recordings and live sound at an affordable price. Totally Analogue saturation which gives the warmth and realism that plug-ins can only aspire to.

With 3 bands, the stereo width of the Lows, Mids & Highs can be adjusted to add real presence and depth to your mix. A single, yet comprehensive set of controls provides a genuine stereo operation.

Both the 1974 and 1976 are standard 1U rack mount units. Pricing will be similar to the 1978, a little less for the 1976. We’re looking for a summer release for both units. As with all Drawmer products, they are wholly Designed & Manufactured in the UK.

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