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Platinum Samples have Released Joe Barresi Evil Drums Powered by Accent

Platinum Samples have released Joe Barresi’s Evil Drums powered by Accent. Joe Barresi is one of the busiest producer/engineers working today with an impressive list of credits including albums by Tool, Queens Of The Stone Age, Weezer, Clutch, Pennywise, Turbonegro, Bad Religion, and many more.

Featuring 6 full drum kits, 6 kick drums and 6 snares (a total of 64 drums and cymbals) the Evil Drums Library sets the standard by which other drum libraries are judged. Recorded to analog tape at Sound City Studios (featured in the Dave Grohl documentary) and Grand Master Recorders using their vintage Neve consoles, compression and EQ, Joe Barresi has captured a diverse ensemble of drum sounds suitable for any genre.

Evil Drums powered by Accent includes Platinum Samples’ Accent virtual drum instrument.

Joe Barresi Evil Drums powered by Accent-accent-mixer.jpg

Accent comes with a Standalone version as well as AAX64, VST2, VST3 and Audio Units plug-ins for use in a host DAW. Accent also includes it’s own internal effects (Gain, Filter, 4 Band EQ, Compressor, Limiter, Gate and Reverb) as well as has support for 3rd party plugins (VST2, VST3 (on macOS and Windows) as well as AU on macOS) directly inside the Accent Mixer. With a resizable user interface and a familiar DAW style Mixer users should find it extremely intuitive to use.

Joe Barresi Evil Drums powered by Accent-accent-stage.jpg

Also included are the Platinum Samples Grooves Volume 1 formatted for Accent with over 2,000 groove variations.

Also available for Accent: Galaxy Drums and Desert Drums from Space Cabin Audio

Please visit the Evil Drums web page for additional information, videos and demos.


• Recorded by Joe Barresi (Tool, QOTSA, Weezer, Bad Religion) at Sound City Studios and Grand Master Recorders
• Includes 6 full kits plus 6 extra Kicks and 6 extra Snares (plus a bonus Kick), a total of 64 drums and cymbals
• Includes Platinum Samples Accent drum virtual instrument (Standalone, VST2, VST3, AU and AAX)
• Includes Platinum Grooves Vol. 1 for Accent
• Available now for Mac and Windows

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