Neve Announce Genesys G3D

Neve® is proud to announce the launch of their Genesys G3D system at NAMM 2024. The Genesys G3D system enhances the industry renowned Genesys™ console by introducing Dolby Atmos® mixing capability, approved by Dolby®, via a combination of hardware and software innovations.

Dolby Atmos Approved
Dolby and Neve’s long-standing partnership led to innovations in the post-production industry, notably the Dolby Atmos integration into the world-leading film console, the DFC3D. Now, by working closely with the Dolby team once again, Neve has developed the first studio console capable of remotely controlling the Dolby Atmos technology.

Three-Dimensional Mixing
For the first time, Engineers and Artists alike can push the boundaries of music production into the three-dimensional Dolby Atmos space. The Genesys G3D allows for object-based mixing of analogue console audio, capable of controlling the metadata of 118 objects, via multiple control methods.

Touch Sensitive Encoders
The comprehensive software package is complimented by innovative hardware upgrades, including a new SSD-based, 64-bit computer system – futureproofing the console for years to come. At the heart of the G3D system, the new G3D monitor panel features new touch-sensitive logicators, each with a 30 segment LED halo – 3D coordinates at a glance.

Plugin Based Automation
Over the years, the Neve Genesys has harnessed the power of DAW-based plugin automation. The new G3D system expands this capability by adding 3D positioning parameters to the Genesys ControlPlugin, allowing for object automation from within the DAW.

Integrated Speaker Management
The latest in pristine DA conversion is the perfect complement to the G3D system. The Neve StarNet ADA16 can be remotely configured and controlled from the G3D system, allowing for hands on control of Dolby Atmos speaker levels directly from the console surface. The binaural headphone render can feed into the Genesys built-in headphone amp, integrating the Dolby Atmos system into the console, removing the need for awkwardly interfaced external gear.

Unparalleled Digital Control
The Genesys G3D hardware features a bank of new dedicated software-specific controls for the Dolby Atmos Renderer. Integrating software functions into a tactile hardware control surface allows for unparalleled control of the Dolby Atmos Renderer from the console surface, speeding up your workflow.

Joe Heaton, Product Specialist at AMS Neve says:
“The Genesys G3D system has been one of the most exciting developments that the team have been working on over the past few years. The Genesys was already one of the most groundbreaking products in the studio market. However, by injecting our digital control expertise, we were once again able to innovate in this space further, introducing a powerful new system designed to benefit audio professionals as they enter the Dolby Atmos for Music Frontier”

Key Feature Snapshot

  • Mix analogue audio into the Dolby Atmos format.
  • Powerful object-based system capable of metadata control over all 118 objects.
  • Plugin based automation system via Genesys ControlPlugin enhancement.
  • Remotely configure and control speaker outputs from the console surface (7.1.4, 9.1.4, or 9.1.6.)
  • Touch-sensitive logicators for improved object automation.
  • Dedicated Dolby Atmos Renderer control switches, for a tactile Atmos workflow.
  • 3D attenuation control from the console surface allows for a ‘hands-on’ approach to Dolby Atmos monitoring.
  • Binaural headphone routing integrates the console’s powerful headphone amp into the Dolby Atmos system.

The optional G3D system is available to order with all new consoles from 25th January 2024 and will be available via the authorised dealer network. The optional G3D system is priced at £13,745 or $18,745. To place an order please contact your local AMS Neve dealer.

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