API Introduces The TCS-II Channel Strip

Since its debut 14 years ago, The Channel Strip from API has proven itself to be a sonically superior and “must-have” addition for recording engineers around the world. The Original TCS was designed and built to give the user the best of API and as such featured a 512c Preamp, 527 Compressor, 550A EQ and a 325 line driver, all packed into a single rack unit.

With thousands of The Channel Strip in service, API announces the release of an updated version of the original unit, now called the TCS-II. Carefully retaining its hallmark circuit structure and unmistakable API sound, the new TCS-II Channel Strip offers the same outstanding performance but with a few notable upgrades:

Update of the Compressor Section from the 527 to the newer 527A.
Update of the 512c Input Selection controls and the addition of peak LED metering.
Output level control knob now has a distinguishable pointer for reference.
“The improvements were largely made to bring the TCS-II Channel Strip into conformity with the rest of our product line,” commented API’s Account Manager Mark Seman. “These updates really help round out the TCS-II and I’m convinced will only add to its continued success.”

Units are now shipping, and a full list of features and specifications can be found on the TCS-II Channel Strip product page.

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