Elysia Releases xpressor 500 Meteor Compressor

Nettetal, Germany – Studio processor manufacturer elysia has released the xpressor 500 meteor, a 100-unit limited-edition version of its xpressor 500 compressor with a metallic visual aesthetic.

The special aluminum surface on the xpressor 500 meteor is the result of buzz saws used to cut massive blocks of aluminum into slices. Recognizing that a rough surface would not be easy for users to work with, elysia has turned the slices into a smooth, anodized panel with details that reflect in changing light. Labeling has been burned into the aluminum with a MOPA laser.

“We are very happy that we could tame this tough material and finally turn it into high-grade faceplates,” says elysia co-founder Dominik Klassen. “It has certainly been a lot of effort, but the result is simply breathtaking.”